Quaid Block Villas Bahria Town Karachi: Secure Investment And Living


Bahria Town Karachi is a powerful combination of residential plots and developed villas. Quaid Villas in Bahria Town Karachi’s Precinct 2 are a testimony to the first-class housing provided in the sprawling town. Quaid Villa comprises 200 sq. yard area. You can now consider 550 sq. yard Quaid Villas in Precinct 2. For Quaid Villas, you can get instant possession.

Quaid Block Villas Bahria Town Karachi – Project Overview

Quaid Block villas in Precinct 2. Such villas are conveniently situated several kilometers away from Bahria Town Karachi’s Main Entrance. Precinct 2 is situated a 10-minute walking distance from the main gate. Those villas ‘ ideal location attracts the imagination of buyers and developers in it.

Prominent Facilities:

  • The best place for children, International Theme Park is situated 5 minute’s drive from Quaid Villas. Investing in Quaid Villas near Bahira Town Karachi’s biggest attraction is a lucrative benefit and the best option for you to live in.
  • In Precinct 2 all the up-to-date health facilities are already open, as the state-of-the-art hospital is the nearby Begum Akthar Rukhsana Memorial Hospital.
  • At Precinct 2 is a fully operational and well-developed Bilal Developmental Market. It is the best place for Quaid Villas residents to meet grocery needs.

Top Attractions:

The following Bahria Karachi’s attractions and icons will also be located nearby and at 5 minute drive from Quaid Villas.

  • Night Safari
  • Bahria Golf Course
  • International Theme Park
  • Midway Commercial
  • 5 Star Hotel
  • Bahria Cinema

Roots Millennium School in the neighboring block of Quaid Villas has also started to work. The neighborhood of these bungalows also acts as mosques, departmental stores, family parks, and a pharmacy. Beneficiaries of this latest agreement would have no trouble beginning their family life at luxurious Quaid Villas.


The Quaid Villas in Bahria Town Karachi are beautifully built and provide living room for the entire family. It is composed of:

  • Double Story Construction
  • 3 Bedrooms (Master Bed on Ground Floor & 2 Bedrooms on 1st Floor)
  • Attached Bathrooms
  • Drawing Room
  • Dining Room
  • TV Lounge
  • Kitchen
  • Porch
  • Servant Quarter

Prices Trends & Updates Of Quaid Block Villas Bahria Town Karachi

The overall number of villas built in Precinct 2 is about 650 to 700. Request for the 200 sq. yard villas in the town of Bahria Karachi are very small, as there are few villas in it. The price of 200 sq. yard size in Precinct is between 1.50 Crores to 2 Crores. Now, the affordability of spacious Quaid Villas gives you a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful and pleasant Bahria Town Karachi Residence.

Main Perks of Quaid Block Villas Bahria Town Karachi

Quaid Block Villas provides many amenities and incentives, but everyone finds the following to be the most attractive: high-quality construction jobs.

  • Plan and house transition quick process.
  • Support for designing houses is readily accessible.
  • Power flow non-stop.
  • Gas, heating, telephone and power connectivity etc.
  • Protection network round the clock.
  • Full area management.
  • Entertainment services such as the theater, beaches, and zoo are open.
  • Fitness services such as playgrounds, courts and gyms are available.
  • Educational services such as schools, universities, and institutes are open.
  • Provide shopping services.
Security In Quaid Block Villas

Bahria Town Karachi runs its own security service, which is operated and supervised by former military and other security professionals. They have their own protected vans, armoured cars, and all the security forces are well trained with the latest advanced equipment and weapons. Quaid Block Villas are round-the-clock patrolled and all entry and exit points are completely staffed by security personnel to avoid every thoroughfare in the town.

Individuals staying in the Quaid Block Villas are given special protective stickers for their vehicles to prevent needless disruption for the area’s inhabitants. Since rich people have a lot to lose and they are still concerned about their safety but Bahria Town has the solution. That’s another key explanation of why people are able to spend without any hesitation in Quaid Block Villas.

There can be no better option than those Quaid Villas provided for a limited period to take up residency in Bahria Karachi. Send the lump sum deposit today, and move into your new house before the beginning of next year. You may also buy this luxurious bungalow to make it an everlasting source of profits. If you want to have high-end renters in your 200 sq. yard Quaid Villas, you can get handsome rent on a monthly basis.

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