Bahria Adventure Land Theme Park Karachi

Bahria Adventure Land Theme Park Karachi

All You Need To Know About Bahria Adventure Land Theme Park Karachi

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Located within Bahria Town’s mega real-estate project, this unique theme park is the latest addition to Karachi’s list of tourist attractions. Bahria Adventure Land Theme park Karachi was developed in partnership with Italian manufacturers according to the company’s website and provides a range of leisure activities for both children and adults alike.


The rides are of international standard providing a high-quality experience and safety. Their maintenance, power costs, and so many other factors add up to a considerable amount that justifies the ticket pricing.

Numerous rides available in Bahria Adventure Land, based on moderate to extreme suspense, will prove unique for every age of children, men, and women.

Overview of Bahria Adventure Land Theme Park Karachi

From mind-blowing roller coasters to groovy Surfer’s Place, thrilling Ferris wheel to beautiful rides, hip-hop carousel to twisty train rides and fun, Bahria Adventure Land has all and niche restaurants to give the whole family a special and exciting experience.

Developed in collaboration with Italy’s best-known manufacturers, the Adventure Land unleashes a world of exciting adventures.

In addition to various swings, water attractions, marching band, and entertaining mascots, Bahria Adventure Land’s vast Dino Park also appears to have become a popular spot among the children visiting the theme park.

Meanwhile, the main entrance of the theme park reminds one of a grand castle. An ATM machine has also been placed directly next to the ticket counter for the convenience of visitors. If you want to have a break, you’ve also set up seating areas around Bahria Town Karachi Adventure Land including the one at Kohkaaf Station. It also houses a tiny restaurant.

Food Court

Visitors may also take a break with some tasty fast food by visiting the local KFC or McDonald’s outlets. Other theme park eateries include Burger King, Crispy for You, Aqua Bar, and Palladium Food Court among others.

Location: Bahria Adventure Land Theme Park Karachi

Bahria Adventure Land theme park is located on Bahria Town Karachi’s main Jinnah Road, just off the M-9 motorway. It is located in the housing scheme, opposite Precinct 18.

Attractions of Bahria Adventure Land Theme Park Karachi

Danzoo Bahria Town Karachi


Danzoo, or Day and Night Zoo, is among Karachi’s most popular places to visit with kids. Considered the first zoo of international standards in Pakistan, it is home to a variety of exotic and indigenous animals including lions, panthers, tigers, cheetahs, leopards, monkeys, black bears, giraffes, deers, and zebras, to name but a few. Visitors can also view peacocks, ostriches, parrots, macaws, black and white swans, doves, geese, cobras, pythons, and other creatures in one of Karachi’s best zoos.

It is important to remember that Danzoo offers both daytime and night safari experiences. Visitors of all ages will also enjoy PKR 100 cruise excursions. However, children younger than 12 must wear life jackets. Furthermore, water cycling can only be done by adults for PKR 150. For this trip, it is safest to wear a helmet.

Bahria Dancing Fountains


The breathtaking Bahria Dancing Fountains, designed by the acclaimed designers of Shanghai Disney Resort, Futuroscope in France, and Dubai Fountain, are one of Karachi’s biggest tourist attractions.

It is also regarded as the biggest dancing fountain in South Asia, with more than 350 bright LED lights and laser projections, 250 fountain jets, and 180 height jets.

Zones in Bahria Adventure Land Theme Park Karachi

  1. Adventure Zone
  2. Kohkaaf
  3. Indus Valley
  4. Animal Kingdom

Famous Rides In Bahria Adventure Land Theme Park Karachi

Some of Bahria Adventure Land’s exciting rides include the exhilarating roller coaster named Rail Blazers, the exciting Power Drop, and, to name a few, the exciting Pirates of Adventure. The Claw, Cyclone Alladin, Shark Attack, and Sinbad are among the Bahria Town theme park’s most famous rides, too.



Bahria Adventure Land has a new attraction: ALADIN. That booster ride is playing on your fears. This attraction makes the world spin around riders by sending riders head over heels 40 meters into the air. This ride consists of a telescopic column with two arms and two vehicles that rotate freely in both directions.


Power Drop

Some say Power is among the world’s best feelings. If that’s the case then you’re going to want to ride Power Drop over and over. Located in Bahria Adventure Land, the thrilling giant in the sky can hardly be missed. This 42 meters high Power Drop is pushed down by riders! Can you get it right?

Adventure Bay

Bahria Adventure Bay is your place to live the way of the mermaid. Jump, roll, sit, flip or saunter, Bahria Bay in the heart of Bahria Adventure Land is an oasis of refreshing coolness. You can not miss it, children!


Shark Attack

Not only can Shark Attack spin around the center, it can also move up and down. Shark Attack is packed with beautiful sound effects and sexy LED light, it’s a great way to experience the thrill.


Dino Park

Dino Park, an exciting part of the entertainment center, would provide a glimpse into what the world was like millions of years ago and feature other dinosaurs as well.


Surfers’ Spot

The Surfers’ Spot is where water cascade creates short, bobbing waves that are perfect for large children, teens, and adults to float at leisure. Surfing, swimming, or soaking up some sides of the sun, Surfers’ Spot is fun for everyone!


Rail Blazer

Rail Blazer, who belongs to a genre of roller coasters known as air coasters, will surely put plenty of air between your seat and ours giving this coaster thrills and chills all their own. This Coaster elevates railway with descents and steep slopes, carrying a passenger train through sudden changes and sharp curves in speed and direction for a brief ride of thrills.


The Claw

The Claw amazes riders with its thrills over the edges. Riders ride with their feet dangling behind them in bottomless chairs. The pendulum swings back and forth as the Discovery begins to spin. Thrill-seekers get off demanding more!


Worm Coster

The Worm Coster leads children on an exciting coaster ride with kid-size rollers! You can get a feeling of excitement and thrilling after moving it drives fast on the long track.


Jiggly jellyfish ride

The jiggly jellyfish ride is identical to a samba balloon ride, as jiggly jellyfish begins to operate it will shake the head, go up and down to make players have lots of fun. With its stunning ocean architecture, colorful light, and wonderful music this ride makes it more appealing. It is a perfect choice for the entire family.



Merry-go-Round is a fancy appearance and beautiful color, which is popular youth-riding Bahria Adventure Land. It is one of the essential classic fun equipment in the amusement park, double independent control structure up and down. Lower rotation in a clockwise direction, upper rotation in counterclockwise.

Updated Timings And Ticket Prices


Monday to Friday: 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday: 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM 


Adults: PKR 2,000/-

Children: PKR 1,500/-

Note: Prices include taxes with unlimited access to all rides.

Safety Measures in Bahria Adventure Land Theme Park Karachi

It is important to remember that some of its rides are strictly limited in height. Those restrictions are solely for visitor safety. For example, a person must be above 4’5 “and below 6’5” tall to ride Cyclone, while he must be between 4’2 “and 6’3” tall to ride on Power Drop for example.

There is also a height limit set for Shark Assault, between 4’2 “and 4’5.”

Bahria Adventure Land Theme Park Karachi: Setting International Standards

As mentioned above, Bahria Adventure Park provides a number of the most thrilling and exciting rides available. This world-class theme park features electrifying roller-coasters, massive ferries board, and rides on the water. Dinosaur farm, fantastic castles, top-class restaurants and you’re going to get far more than that. These rides and events are so spectacular and special in this Bahria Adventure Land that no-one in Pakistan has ever seen them before.


Bahria Adventure Land is, in plain words, a land of joy for Karachi residents. With its numerous stunning attractions and architectural beauty, it’ll amaze everyone.

So, as soon as the COVID 19 pandemic graph flatlined, schedule your visit to Bahria Adventure Land to rock and roll.

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