Emporium Mall Vs. Packages Mall—Things You Don’t Know

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Emporium Mall Vs. Packages Mall—Things You Don’t Know

Today, we are going to have a comparison of the two most marvelous malls in Lahore—Emporium Mall and Packages Mall.

As far as the surge has hit an all-time peak, Lahore is the newest leisure and recreational activity outlet for people of all ages and all walks of life. After visiting all of the locations in the Lahore area, these are the two most commercial, exclusive, and worth visiting malls.

Let’s get started.


Emporium Mall 

Emporium Mall is built next to the Johar Town Phase 2, Lahore International Expo Centre. The malls cannot be open to locals from elsewhere but should not prohibit tourists from crossing their premises for launch activities and other groups. The malls are a little bit unavailable. A situation within which there are a total of nine halls is the biggest multiplex in the country and how can you ignore the lovely Hotel Nishat Banquet?

The center features over 200 supermarket brands consisting of some of the most demanding lifestyles and gastronomic stores, spectacular 9-screen multiplexes, banquets at all times, a child’s leisure zone called the Fun Park, a luxury center, and a shopping center for all sorts.

Packages Mall

Packages Mall on Walton Lahore Lane. The Packages Mall, Ghazi Road & Khayaban-E-Iqbal, was very similar to Ferozepur Road. Packages Mall is near Walton Cantonment, Lahore Cantonment, Lahore Defense Housing Authority, Gulberg Lahore & Town Model Lahore.

Packages Mall is located right next to the Ferozepur Road and is conveniently reachable by security residential authorities as well. More than 200 + supermarket brands are being located in the mall under one roof. There is also a hassle-free shopping experience for tourists.

The company package community is full of impressive achievements and we hear from this video about the achievements that packages launch from 1954 and which visitors expect to follow. Present the next big trend in the shopping section and bring the people of Lahore a whole new way of life.


Emporium Mall 

Emporium is not only situated in over 200 brand outlets in the center of Lahore, but it also hosts a 5-star hotel with more than 100 deluxe rooms inside the center of the center. In addition, solar power backup panels are available.

You should watch a film in their nine halls multiplex cinema when you’ve finished shopping. But wait, more. But wait. There are banks for business and wedding activities and a hypermarket that makes daily tasks of food shopping enjoyable!

Emporium Mall

In addition, the Exciting Factory, a large recreational area is exclusively for children, where they can enjoy adventurous trips through the Fairy World, the Circus, and Dark City. There is also an ice rink where you can skate ice any time you wish. For families, a train named Emporium Express navigates the mall and holds their kids entertained as you buy at the contents of your heart.

Packages Mall

People visiting Lahore go to the shopping mall Bundles. There are Mall Guides based on international principles everywhere so you can browse the mall and find your desired store.

One of the most striking characteristics of Packages Mall is that it is equally appropriate and wheelchairs and people with various abilities. About 2000 parking spaces are available concurrently for shoppers.

packages mall

And if you take children to the shopping center, let them go in kiddie carts by themselves. You will have it all at Packages Shopping Mall in Lahore from branded equipment, Carrefour to the international grocery outlets.


Emporium Mall 

The mall opens Monday through Thursday at 11:00 am and closes at 11:00 pm. Yet the mall is open until midnight on weekends due to the extra crowd.

Packages Mall

For Packages Mall there are multiple timings. The timings are from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. at night for the supermarket stores. The stores remain open until midnight on weekends. Timings are similar to grocery stores but are available after 1 a.m. on weekends. The Carrefour opens early at 10 a.m. and closes at 12 on weekends.

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