Plant A Message This Happy Independence Day 2021: Tree Planting for A Green Pakistan

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pakistan happy independence day 2021

Happy Independence Day 2021

August instills a sense of patriotism in people. Our country, Pakistan, gained independence on August 14, 1947, and this day is commemorated as Independence Day. Celebrations are in full flow as a wave of patriotism sweeps the nation. The flag-raising ceremony takes precedence, followed by cultural programs at schools and other gatherings.

The national flag is flown at the Parliament and Presidency buildings in Islamabad during the main Independence Day event. The national anthem is then played, followed by widely disseminated and televised addresses by Pakistan’s President and Prime Minister.

The Concept Behind Tree Planting on August 14, 2021

Plants not only help to keep the environment clean, but they also provide sustenance for us. Trees are being hacked down to meet the increased demand for space.

As a result, it is each individual’s responsibility to plant at least one tree. It can make a significant difference. Having a garden at home provides you with pure, fresh produce. Plants also help to filter the air and water we breathe.

So, it is critical to keep the environment healthy in order to keep ourselves healthy in order to make Pakistan a healthy nation. With Pakistan’s growing population and pollution, it’s critical to produce more plants to keep the country healthy and green.

A Good Deed—Religiously and Nationally

Planting trees is a Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and the benefit continues even after the person who plants the tree has died. The globe today is beset by serious environmental issues.

Global warming has become one of the issues, and our country, like the rest of the globe, is dealing with it. Pollution and ozone depletion are two other hot topics. The solution to these issues is to plant more trees. Children decorate their streets and houses with flags, balloons, and lightings on August 14 every year.

Let’s break the mold and start planting on August 14, 2021. Because the solution to saving the world and our dear motherland is to grow trees. In August of this year, Pakistan achieved its aim of planting a billion trees.

The country is now brimming with newly planted seedlings. Pakistan’s woods have been substantially decreased due to decades of deforestation and natural disasters. This could be an opportunity to restore our country’s natural beauty.

Planting in your home gives you a sense of renewal. Plants also help to keep the air clean and give the surroundings a nice sense.

How to Be A Part of The Tree Planting Project

  • First and foremost, buy a sapling from your nearby nursery or plant vendors.
  • Plant a young sapling in a suitable location.

And you are done!

What Trees Are Ideal to Plant

Fruit trees, such as grapes, mango, neem, apple, apricot, damson, peach and guava, can be planted during the current monsoon season.

The primary goal of planting fruit trees is to increase the number of birds and other wildlife. The people of Pakistan have expressed their happiness with the government’s ongoing plantation effort.

Traditions of The Day of Independence

Pakistanis are ecstatic to celebrate their country’s independence. The day’s colors are the green and white of the Pakistani flag. Flags of the country can be seen everywhere, and fireworks displays are popular.

Across the country, flag hoisting rituals are held at both governmental and private establishments. To commemorate the occasion, schools and universities hold declamation contests, art exhibitions, national song recitals, and sports marathons.

There are also special programs planned to commemorate this day. The president and prime minister give special addresses honoring the nation’s forefathers who gave their lives in defense of the country.

The district and municipal governments actively plan and implement events to demonstrate patriotism and liven up the day. Citizens paint their faces, wear Pakistani flags, dress up in elaborate costumes, light fireworks, and celebrate everything Pakistani.

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