Digital Power of Attorney for Overseas Pakistanis

Digital Power of Attorney for Overseas Pakistanis

Digital Power of Attorney

A day after the joint sitting of the Parliament passed 33 laws, including “the Elections Second Amendment Bill, 2021,” providing voting rights to overseas Pakistanis, the government launched a digital portal to assist expats with attestation of power of attorney.

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s launch of a platform for automating power of attorney is yet another innovative step for Pakistanis living overseas.

The service will assist expats in obtaining online verification of their power of attorney without having to go visit embassies.

It was first released in ten countries and has now been linked to NADRA’s database, allowing it to provide services to all embassies and consulates throughout the world.

Solution to Many Problems

In his remarks during the inauguration, Prime Minister expressed regret that abroad Pakistanis had not been considered an asset to the country. He claimed that now that they have been given the right to vote in elections, every government will respect them.

He added that expats were having problems with power of attorney and that the automation would solve their problems.

The premier also expressed his delight at the passage of a bill allowing electronic voting machines to be used in general elections.

Technology has altered the world, and refusing to adapt to it is ridiculous, he said, adding that only corrupt forces are opposed to it.

“It made me extremely glad yesterday,” the prime minister said during the ceremony, “because we have now involved abroad Pakistanis in Pakistan’s democracy.” He claimed that because expats now had voting rights, “any government will be bound to value our abroad Pakistanis.”

The nine million non-resident Pakistanis will vote for the administration that can better their lives when they go to the polls. “The most important benefit will be that a citizen may keep a check on the government through their vote in a democracy,” he said.

Inheritance Certificates

Through biometric verification at Pakistani missions abroad, the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) would provide letters of administration and succession certificates to foreign Pakistanis, saving them the trouble of going to court.

The government has publicly disseminated the method for applying for the said documents through Pakistani missions to raise awareness among Pakistani expats who would otherwise have to languish in local courts and endure a lengthy process.

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