Upcoming Top Housing Societies in Gujar Khan – New Metro City Gujar Khan/Rawalpindi

Upcoming Top Housing Societies in Gujar KhanRawalpindi

Gujar Khan is a district of Rawalpindi, Pakistan’s twin city, and is connected to Islamabad to the north. The neighborhood has experienced unprecedented economic turmoil in recent years, as well as increasing urbanization and infrastructure development. The town’s real estate market has also developed, and numerous construction companies are now offering many housing schemes to encourage development.

This article is formulated to shed light on some already existing and upcoming projects and housing societies in Gujar Khan.

Prominent Housing Societies in Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi

Gujar Khan had a significant Hindu and Sikh population, while many of these people converted to Islam during British control or fled to India after the partition. However, there are still Hindu temples and Sikh Gurdwaras in the neighborhood that have not been maintained over the years.

With this bright history of Gujar Khan, here are some top housing projects in the district.

1.     Model town

This housing society provides a refined and enhanced living, as two of Pakistan’s most popular and well-known real estate enterprises, Elegant Towns and City Homes PVT, represent a unique housing idea in Model Town, Gujar Khan. Everyone’s desire has always been to build a home in a gated community and enjoy all the benefits of secure living in a nice neighborhood with all the amenities of everyday life.

Prominent features

Model Town Housing Scheme is a TMA-registered project with an approved NOC, indicating that the project is a risk-free investment with good returns. Model Town Gujar Khan offers residential plots of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal, as well as all modern amenities and developments.

In a shrinking gated community, the project is one of the most favorable, cheap, and inventively sketched housing projects that would provide a heavenly life and amenities to its residents.

Residents of the Model Town housing society will enjoy a high standard of life with artistically constructed Mosques, lush green parks, commercial zones on each block, wide roads and sidewalks, a community center, and access to all features and services.

2.     New Metro City Gujar Khan/Rawalpindi

BSM Developers are bringing a model and lavish project to Gujar Khan—New Metro City. Following the overwhelming popular acceptance of Gwader Golf City, BSM Developers will launch a new housing society to meet public demand. The goal of this housing society is to give people the opportunity to live a royal lifestyle; Bahria Town and Gawadar Golf City are two examples of similar living standards; and, most importantly, to compete with housing societies that collect money from people under the guise of development but deliver nothing.

Prominent features

New Metro City Gujar Khan will have a carpeted main boulevard that will be 250 feet wide. Because it is the primary road that leads to the housing society, there should be enough room on the main boulevard.

Many housing societies have a wide main boulevard, but the streets themselves are excessively narrow as you get deeper into the complex. New Metro City Gujar Khan, on the other hand, features 40-foot-wide streets, allowing you to park your car right in front of your house without taking up too much road space.

Because Pakistanis are predominantly Muslim, they require mosques close to their homes in order to be spiritual. Residents of New Metro City Gujar Khan will soon have access to a spectacular Jamia Masjid built by the owners and developers.

There will be commercial shops in the town where you may buy groceries for yourself, so avoid going to the main city center if there are shops nearby.

Security, in addition to the elements described above, is the most crucial feature. You can live in peace without worry of robbers or others if the neighborhood is secure.

New Metro City Gujar Khan provides protection around the clock. Main gates will be well-secured. Strangers’ movements will be captured via CCTV cameras installed in key areas.

A housing society wouldn’t be a housing society without basic amenities, thus it has 24-hour underground electricity, gas, and water.

About the developers

BSM developer is a well-known property development company; nonetheless, because of their well-known status in the real estate industry. BSM Developers has a mega housing society for CPEC-Gwadar, bringing about investments with high stability and large production for offering a lift to the financial cycle. This is the family firm of Malik Riaz, a business tycoon in the field of real estate and development, according to a popular introduction.

Who hasn’t heard of CPEC, Gwadar, or Gwadar Golf City? Gawadar Golf City is a well-known housing society in the city. It was the only civilization that developed first and then delivered to residents at very low costs. Gwadar Golf City & New Metro City Kharian are BSM Developers project that combines architectural grandeur with cutting-edge amenities to transform the golden sands into economic advancement and development.

3.     Prism Town Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi

The Prism Khan Gujar Khan housing society is located near Rawalpindi and Islamabad on the main GT route, making it conveniently accessible from both. The community will feature all of the amenities that a society should have. So, if you want to invest in a great environment, this could be the perfect alternative.

Each housing society is distinguished from the others by its location. As a result, most people like to live in an easily accessible location. As a result, Prism Town Gujjar Khan is the greatest solution for them, taking into account their needs.

Prominent features:

  • Located on Main GT Road close to Al Mannan Marriage Hall
  • 250Ft main boulevard
  • Development started since March
  • 40 ft streets
  • Pre-Launching rates
  • Masjid for every block
  • Big parks
  • Underground Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water supply
  • 24/7 security
  • Gated community
  • Big commercial areas with multinational brands
  • 3 years easy Installment plan
  • State of the art development

Mall of Gujar Khan

It is another developing project in Gujar Khan. The Mall of Gujar Khan (MoGK) is Gujar Khan’s first state-of-the-art mall, as its name suggests. It has a total area of over 150,000 square feet. While it may not be as large as other well-known malls in the country, such as Emporium or Lucky One, the quality and ambiance are just as good.

You will forget about the city’s severe traffic and pollution as you reach the Mall. The Mall appears to be a separate city within Gujar Khan. Royal Business Solutions is the company behind the project (RBS). Do not be fooled by the title “mall,” as the mall also has luxurious residences. Gujar Khan’s Main GT Road is home to the Mall.

Residential Apartments have three separate entrances

It is one of the Mall’s greatest features. If you’ve ever visited Islamabad’s Centaurus, you’ve probably observed that even the locals get caught in the long parking lines.

Despite the fact that they have their own door and parking, it is too close to the guest entrance. Residents must therefore wait in traffic while owning a multi-crore apartment. Thankfully, the MoGK recognized the issue and now provides residents with three separate entrances.

Separate Parking Space for Residents

In addition to the three separate apartments, the Mall offers a dedicated parking space for the residents.

In Conclusion

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace yourself for amazing upcoming projects in Gujar Khan such as New Metro City. Stay tuned to our property portal to know the booking details and other updates regarding the project.

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