Multan Industrial Estate Plots Available For Sale On First-Come, First-Serve Basis

Multan Industrial Estate Plots Available For Sale On First-Come, First-Serve Basis

The Punjab Industrial Estate Development Management Company (PIEDMC) recently confirmed the availability of commercial properties on a first-come and first-serve basis in the Multan Industrial Estate, through a notification in a regular newspaper.

Overview Of Industrial Estate Multan

Multan Industrial Estate is a small residential community situated in central Pakistan’s Multan City neighborhood. With the number of residents not exceeding 5,000 people, it is quite a small place. The neighborhood has large manufacturing fields, with primarily warehouses and warehousing facilities. Among the companies that have warehouse facilities at Industrial Estate Multan are Aziz Group, Suzuki, Kolson, etc.

The Provincial Government obtained permission in 1960 for the development of an Industrial Estate in the south of Punjab and purchased 1410 acres of land for this purpose. However, it was agreed by the Government of Punjab to build it into two phases.


It is located approximately 17 km south-west of Multan City, adjacent to Phase-I. Phase-II occupies an area of 667 acres with 349 parcels.

The Multan Industrial Estate is headed by a private sector management board representing separate industrial segments of the estate and the rest representing the government.

350 companies are now functional in the industrial estate, according to the information shared in the publication, and it is the ideal chance for people to see their businesses expand. The following amenities will be available inside the estate in order to improve the footfall in the area:

  • Company outlets
  • Display centres
  • Virtual offices
  • Banks
  • Retail shops
  • IT Hub
  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels

Multan Industrial Estate Phase 1

Phase I, consisting of 743 acres, was developed and completed in the 1980s, while 667 acres were eventually intended to be developed as phase II. For a term of 99 years, all plots in phase I were leased out to industrialists and some Govt. institutions bodies.

In 2004, in order to restart economic activity, the Government of Punjab (GoP) officially handed over MIE to the Punjab Industrial Estates. A total of Rs. 100 million was allotted by the GoP to upgrade the system and PIEDMC donated the same amount.

Multan Industrial Estate Phase 2

Encouraged by the reaction to Phase I upgradation work, PIEDMC was given the mission of Phase II infrastructure improvement work in September 2006.

Plot Distribution

Small to medium-sized entrepreneurs were based, so most plots are between ½ acres and 2 acres in size. There are several larger plots, though to accommodate major industrialists as well.

Prominent Features Of The Plots Available For Sale In Multan Industrial Estate

Additionally, some of the distinctive characteristics of these plots include:

  • Designated business zones with spacious spaces for cars
  • Small plots
  • Asphalt highways & network telecommunications
  • Normal state-of-the-art international infrastructure
  • All available utilities
  • Single-window services


PIEDMC, established under the Companies Ordinance 1984, is a section 42 corporation. PIEDMC is an independent, non-profit-making company owned by the Government of Punjab and managed by a Board of Directors (BOD) composed of industrialists and ex-officio members of the private sector. A good example of a public-private partnership is PIEDMC.

The Punjab Industrial Estates Production & Management Company (PIEDMC) was established in the province of Punjab with the vision of fostering industrialization. In order to grow industrial property in every district of the Punjab Province, PIEDMC follows a self-supporting model.

Wrapping It Up

Multan Industrial Estate is a completely working administrative and site office, completed boundary wall Water delivery network with underground and overhead reservoirs, completed pumping station and generator building, completed underground sewerage network, electrical distribution network architecture and sub-stations are in progress

You can download the application forms for these plots from the PIEDMC website.

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