List of Banks That Provide Home Loan For Pakistan Real Estate


While prices have been high for houses for sale, people still want to own their own houses. Although it is not shocking, it makes it a little harder to buy a home in Pakistan. A house that fits your budget and fulfils your expectations could be much harder to find.

You could have to resign yourself to a smaller house or to a position you did not want first. All that makes it unavoidable to take home loan. A home loan from a bank has its own advantages.

We know that building a house in today’s age can be very difficult due to the increasing cost of raw material, labor, and property tax. You know just how to translate the lot size before you collect a loan for your house. When you know the precise size of your land so it is easy for you to get a loan with a proper plan. Fortunately, some banks provide Pakistani citizens with home financing.

Per month, you just have to pay the bank a certain sum of money. This promotes and promotes the whole building process. A middle class and upper middle-class person can enjoy the benefits of his own home, all with home financing.

In order to see which banks in Pakistan offer home loan services, we have mentioned a very helpful and detailed features of every bank.

Benefits Of Getting Home Loan Form A Bank

Before starting, let’s take a look at benefits of getting home loan from a bank.

  • High payments Tenure: (house loans have the longest repayment tenure, up to 30 years, among all types of loans, so that the burden of equivalent monthly payments can be reduced by extending the tenure). You can use home loan EMI calculator to know how your household loan tenure changes
  • Value the capital appreciation: You can therefore prosper over time from an improvement in property values.
  • Saves you from paying rent: They put a strain on your monthly budget, because rent is quite high in metro cities. The EMIs and families are well paying.
  • Tax advantages on second home: In case of second home, you are entitled to claim deduction for the whole amount of housing loan interest paid under Section 24B of Income Tax Act.
  • Contrast to most loans where loans incur advance loan payment premiums, there are no pre-payment premiums on floating rate home loans.
  • No pre-payment payments: That you can use it to fund a portion of your home loan and to reduce the pressure if you have extra capital. In the event of a revolving home loan, though, advance payment fees may be paid.
  • Facility for Balance Transfer: In case of house loans, if your loan has a lower cost you will transfers your home loan to a separate loan company.
  • Makes home dreams easy to buy: For many people, home loans cannot be purchased with own money, because it can be refunded in simple monthly instalments makes the purchase of a house much simpler.

Banks That Offer Home Loan In Pakistan

Pakistani people spend their lives saving money to buy their own house. Yet only few will really make the dream come true. In such state of affairs, mortgage can be a very useful choice. It might not be ideal for everyone, but it should be taken into account for people with a decent monthly income, in particular people who live in rental houses.

Here is the list of banks that you should look for:

Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) – Pyara Ghar

For various uses, MCB provides a variety of funding choices like home buying, construction, building or property purchasing.


Their home financing alternative is available in all major cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Rawalpindi. For 2 to 20 years, MCB offers up to 20 million loans, except for industrial assets you cannot obtain the loan.

Bank Alfalah

In simple words, Alfalah Home Finance offers home loans. The amount for the loan can be claimed in 36 to 240 monthly instalments, beginning with Rs2 million to Rs.50 million.


The filer wants a minimum wage of Rs 70,000 and the age limit is between 23 and 60 years. CNIC, pay slips, bank balance and two years of jobs for current employer include the records needed for loans. Paperwork for loans

United Bank Limited (UBL) – UBL Address

Under the term “UBL Address,” the UBL provides support for purchase and construction purposes. These loans are sold at two separate interest rates (so-called floating and adjustable).


You need to be a Pakistani citizen and earn a minimum monthly income of 15,000 in order to apply. Notice that even though the combined income of both partners reaches 15000, a family may apply for this loan. Through using this program, you can obtain up to 500,000 and larger loans. Markup prices vary from 11.99% to 16.5%, and these lending are offered over a 3–20-year term.

Bank Al Habib

Like other banks, Bank Al Habib also provides the loan of Rs 300,000 to Rs 20 million for a term of 240 months.


The minimum wage threshold is Rs. 60,000 and the median age is between 23 and 60 years. CNIC, payments and 12 monthly bank statement are the things needed for paperwork.

Askari Bank

Askari Bank provides loans from Rs 500 000 million up to Rs 20 million, charged in a monthly instalment of 36 to 300 instalments.


Like MCB, Askari Bank’s minimum wage demand is Rs. 50,000. The age limit is 22-60 years and CNIC, salary bills and 12 months bank statement are the documents needed for further processing.

Meezan Bank

At the Meezan Bank you are eligible to apply in 24 to 240 monthly instalments for a loan sum beginning at Rs. 500,000 to Rs. 50 million.


Meezan Bank offers loans to those with Rs. 40,000 monthly salary. The age bracket ranges between 25 and 65 years. Payroll cuts, 12-month bank statement and a proof of work for the following years are expected to be treated.

Standard Chartered

The Standard Chartered Home Finance division also offers loans. Like HBL, this bank is also offering an online loan calculator for its customers. It is possible, in 12 to 240 monthly instalments, to apply for a loan sum between Rs3 million and Rs30 millions.


The funding available with Standard Chartered Bank is up to 75% of real estate valuation. The criteria of salary and age are of Rs. 50,000 and Rs. 21 to 60, respectively. If you intend to secure a SC loan, bring your CNIC, your pay slips and your employer’s 12 month bank statement and a letter with you.

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