How To Design Your 5 Marla House In Pakistan

How To Design Your 5 Marla House In Pakistan

Looking to design your 5 marla house that takes the viewer’s breath away? Astounding layout plans and designs will help you build a house that best suits your needs, whether you employ them as they are or change them according to your precise requirements.

This article is for you if you are someone who is about to build his or her house, as it will give you useful information and insights needed for your house to be constructed.

Possible Ways To Design Your 5 Marla House

Two most ideal 5 Marla house plans, including the first and ground floors, are below. These are for you to get an idea of the kind of plan you want to make for your own house or for someone else, or choose some plan like this.

In order to build a dream house for themselves, these 5 Marla house plans help viewers select from a range of different house plans.

Two Ideal Design Plans Of 5 Marla House

The best floor plans for a 5-marla home should allow maximum use of the space accessible. Make sure your lifestyle is complemented by the floor plans and overall house design.

Plan 1

Ground floor

A connecting door leads to the 20 x 11 lounge from the lounge and the main entrance of the building, which also has stairs on the left-hand side leading to the floor above.

The plan opens up to the first of three bedrooms on the left, which can also be preferably used as a guest bedroom, if you venture further into the lounge. The 11 x 14 bedroom has a 5 x 8 bathroom and a big window to provide views of the backyard, which is 5 feet wide. The bedroom is situated adjacent to the kitchen 7 x 14, which provides the primary access beyond to the backyard, where you can also easily add a small washing area if necessary.

First floor

The 12 x 14 master bedroom is at the front end of the house with its en-suite 6 x 9 bathroom and a terrace overlooking your garage. However, if you want to have access to the terrace through the master bedroom, you can make adjustments to the design.

The central seating area on the first floor also provides access to the last of the three bedrooms at the rear of the building, with a 5 x 8 bathroom and a wide terrace measuring more than 11 x 14 feet.

Plan 2

Ground floor

Not only does the 8 x 15 garage give way to two separate entrances into the building, it also gives you the ability, with a conveniently placed outdoor stairway, to go straight upstairs if you like. The 12 x 15 drawing room is on the right side of the garage and does not have any other doors linking it to the rest of the building. You may, however, opt to break down the wall it shares with the partway lounge for a convenient way to entertain your guests.

If you enter the home through the main entrance, you can head straight into the 255-square-foot lounge, which has an 8 x 10 kitchen and an 8 x 5 bathroom, as well as two 12 x 14 ensuite bedrooms, along with an 8 x 6 bathroom and a 12 x 6 bathroom. Except for the garage, this 5 Marla house map does not give any open outdoor area on the ground floor.

First floor

When you climb up the stairs from the basement, you have a seating area of almost 64 square feet that leads to not one or two, but four 12 x 14 bedrooms. Three of these have attached bathrooms too, two of which are 8 x 6 feet in size, while a 12 x 6 attached bath is the last one at the rear of the house. In the sense that it also has two kitchens, one on each floor, this 5 Marla house layout is unique.

The 8 x 5 kitchen on the first floor is situated right next to the 8 x 5 storage room, but consider moving the storage area to the kitchen for a spacious 8 x 10 cooking area if you want a larger kitchen space. A small terrace linked to the bedroom at the front of the house is also accessible on the first floor of this 5 Marla home design.

Important Factors To Consider When Designing 5 Marla Houses In Pakistan

Consider the following factor before you look for 5 marla house design plan.


Place matters the most and this prime factor circles around it. For instance, if there is anyone near the sea in your plot, the floor plans, and house designs would be different. The floor plans and house designs can vary significantly if you are living somewhere where there is heavy snowfall.

Your lifestyle

This attribute matters the most. Make sure you take your lifestyle into account before going right on to the design process. Your floor plan would be different if you had a nuclear family. Likewise, the plans would be different if you were a minimalist.

Work on the details

Sit down and focus on the specifics of the house with your family. Consider your needs, future requirements, and demands. The plot size, lot specifications, square feet, number of bedrooms, and bathrooms are also taken into account. If you have pets like dogs or birds, the house design needs to be moulded accordingly.


If you invest in a plot and have a plot near a scenic place like mountains or greenery, you would like to use the highest threshold for this natural beauty. You need to focus on your house designs and floor plans for that. For example, you would like to add wide windows and higher ceilings for better ventilation if you live in a hilly place.


The floor plans would obviously be very distinct if you are house a single-story house. The design of the house would be different if you have completed one floor and are planning to build the first floor in the future.

Exterior/style of your home

Make sure that you also remember the outside of the house before designing the floor plans, so that it complements each other very well. Likewise, be sure to pay attention to the layout of the room as well. For instance, depending on your personal preferences, you can select various sizes and shapes for the spaces.

Wrapping It Up

So, this is some of the stuff you need to know about Pakistan’s five Marla house designs. You can create a spacious and comfortable house easily in a 5-marla room.

The best floor plan for a 5-marla home is one that takes into account all the needs of your family. Therefore, keep your choices open and play around with the available room while you’re building your own home to ensure that the outcome is as great as possible.

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