Why Bahria Town Lahore Is The Main Attraction For Investors

Why Bahria Town Lahore Is The Main Attraction For Investors

Bahria Town is one of Lahore’s top locations to rent or purchase property. Bahria Town is divided into six sectors, with at least one apartment building in each line. As a result, the market for apartment and home for sale in Bahria Town is growing.

Nevertheless, which makes Bahria Town Lahore, a one-of-a-kind scheme, not just houses. The robust infrastructure and breathtaking architecture attracts people from all over the world. The sector C, E and F remained the most popular sectors for buying property in Bahria Town, as of November 2019.

Bahria Town Lahore – An Ideal Place To Live

Expansion and developments in Bahria Town Lahore bring back with a contemporary touch the essence of the green land. In contrast to the renowned Lahore Canal, the master plan revitalizes the civic environment. At Bahria Town Lahore, life is celebrated by having the most conventional and contemporary means for a comfortable lifestyle.

Bahria Town is located in Lahore with residential plots for sale as the most explored areas. As mentioned earlier, Bahria Town’s Sector E, Sector C, and Sector F are the most eminent when it comes to buying a residential or commercial plot for sale in Bahria Town Lahore.

Types Of Apartments For Sale In Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town has several apartment complexes. Rijas Eiffel Heights and JP Towers are to be located in Sector E and Sector D’s Bahria Canal Heights.

  • Luxury 1-bed and 2-bed apartments are available for rent in Rijas Eiffel Heights. Their residences have been listed as Grand Suite (another one-bed apartment), Queen Suite (1-bed), and Royal Suite (2-bed).
  • Bahria Canal Heights is a beautifully constructed building of 5 floors of semi-equipped apartments. Flats have luxury kitchens in Bahria Town Lahore. There are 1 bedroom apartments for rent in the building, as well as 2 bed units and studio apartments. In this project, the potential of apartments varies from 2 to 5 marla. High-speed elevators and adequate parking space are accessible in Bahria Town Lahore flats.

Recent Trends Of Residential Plots Prices

According to recent property trend, prices of 10 Marla and I Kanal residential plot for sale in Bahria Town Lahore has risen up to 197% and 181% respectively between November 2017 and November 2019. Relative to the prices for residential plots in the posh majority of residential areas in Lahore, the average price of properties for sale in Bahria Town Lahore is nearly half, which simply states that residential plots for sale in Bahria Town Lahore have a margin to raise by another 50 percent. Can Bahria Town Lahore selling plots fill this void by the end of this year?

We’re going to keep you updated. The important thing is that almost 200 percent growth in 2 years means an annual growth of 50 percent.

Rental Profits

While residential property for sale in Bahria Town can be competitive in a capital development capacity, commercial property can often be the more robust competitor when it comes to rental income.

For example, rental returns from the residential property are usually between 3-5% per annum, which is smaller than with commercial property, which can often yield as much as 5-12% per annum based on your investment preference.

Amenities, Shopping & Restaurants in Bahria Town Lahore

Due to the large number of services it provides, Bahria Town Lahore is a gem in the real estate industry. It has a number of attractive topographies, including its version of Trafalgar Square and the Eiffel Tower. They offer opportunities for families to enjoy recreational activities.  The city, with its own division of Jalal Sons and Al Fatah, has a variety of markets in it to meet the needs of the people. Citizens will go to L’Eiffel Bistro and Café at the top of the replica of the Eiffel Tower in the project of fine dining restaurants, which is temporarily closed right now.

There are also two cinemas with the new movies being screened for your enjoyment, as well as a number of smaller eateries of all sorts. Public gardens are spread across the streets as well.

Bahria Town Lahore residents have plenty of dining options to choose from, including Flames Grill n Bar, The Pizza Shop, Jammin Java Café, Crosta11, Lazzat Hotels, and McDonald’s Café and many more. You can visit Jasmine Mall and other nearby markets for shopping purposes. The Eiffel Tower, Trafalgar Park, Ahram–e–Misar, Canal Lights, and Talwar Chowk are other tourist facilities in Bahria Town Lahore.

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