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‘A good house is built, not purchased,’ they say. To live a nice life full of luxury, however, one requires a home full of conveniences. Almost every home has amenities, but not every housing society has the greatest of them.

Now, facilities vary according to geography, people, and other factors. However, if you know what essential and must-have amenities a housing society should offer, selecting an amenity when purchasing your home should be a breeze.

Many of us are drawn to builders and houses that provide excellent facilities, yet we rarely use the bulk of them in our daily lives. It is preferable to have a concept before proceeding with the large expenditure.

Yes, picking a good neighborhood and a reputable builder was critical. But we were seeking something more. You want a home with good architecture for optimal ventilation and society with the most facilities, in other words, better value for money. You want to stay somewhere that had a secure play area for your youngster as well as a variety of family amenities.

A tough work-life balance is not uncommon any more. Furthermore, many house purchasers choose to alleviate work-related stress by investing in properly built housing complexes for people of all ages. Continue reading to learn more about the important amenities that your housing society must provide.

How Do Amenities Affect Quality of Life?

The pursuit of quality of life is typically one of the primary goals of individuals seeking for a place to reside. The reasons are numerous, ranging from the desire to spend less time stuck in traffic, hence reducing stress and simplifying daily life.

In other words, choosing a place to live is inextricably tied to the concept of living with greater quality. After all, it is at home where we live with our families, spend our spare time, assemble with friends, and unwind. As a result, housing must be harmonious and appropriate to the demands of each family.

If you have little children, for example, it is critical to reside near a green space, a playground, and children’s leisure alternatives. Furthermore, there are schools in the area as well as convenient access to entertainment alternatives for children such as parks, playgrounds, and even zoos.

Singles or couples without children, on the other hand, may prefer to live in calmer areas with convenience amenities such as laundries, restaurants, and proximity to work or study. Similarly, older individuals choose calm settings in residential communities with less nightlife.

The idea of the quality of life in relation to one’s location of residence is heavily influenced by the profile of each individual or family. In each case, some characteristics make a difference in any situation. Examine the major components to make an informed decision.


Good Water inflow and proper sanitation

Water inflow and sanitation are the core and most basic facilities that you simply cannot live without. If the water flow is erratic, the water is excessively filthy and unclean, and sanitation is limited, you should either insist on having one or abandon the notion of living there to avoid extra mess and undesired discomforts later.

Backup of power

In India, insufficient power supply and poor electrical reliability are not the norm. It’s rather typical, especially given the present epidemic situation, in which the majority of individuals are restricted to their houses for official employment. Proper and continuous power supply becomes unavoidably necessary. Check your housing society amenities checklist again to verify enough power backup provisions.

Maintenance on-site

A burst pipe or an overflowing leak can cause significant damage to your flat. Having on-site emergency maintenance personnel can help to mitigate the damage and rapidly return your life to normal.


Examine the surroundings before opting to relocate. Even if you prefer bustling streets, living in an area with a high concentration of commercial operations might result in security issues, noise, and traffic. That’s why checking societies maps is very important before investing.

Sports and recreation

Without play, life is drab. After work, playing a brief game of table tennis may do wonders for your soul. A sports arena court with indoor activities such as carom, pool, or squash is an extra bonus.

Outdoor recreational facilities include a cricket pitch, basketball courts, badminton courts, and football fields. For a few hours of sheer fun, an amphitheater or hobby room is great. Such leisure opportunities may assist you in discovering the finer aspects of life. You can find this amenity in the upcoming project i.e., New Metro City Gujar Khan.

The multipurpose hall and the entertainment zone

Modern life does not usually include inhabitants living in large regions with very modest amenities. It’s something more than basic! You can never have too many tastes in your life. Don’t you think so?

Entertainment amenities are essential for having an unforgettable living experience. There are several hobbies, such as yoga and aerobics, that have lately gained widespread recognition and popularity. These activities are not becoming a large part of people’s lives since they allow them to relax, promote well-being, and allow them to live an ideal existence. Sports and relaxation are already important to modern architects and structural designers.

Safety system

We can’t stay at our houses 24 hours a day, seven days a week to protect our important possessions like cars, jewelry, and cash. The housing organization must have some credibility in order to give acceptable security to its tenants. CCTV, fire extinguishers, elevators, and round-the-clock security are all amenities that must be available to protect the safety of your life and property at any location.

Private gyms and spas

Fully equipped gyms, yoga rooms, and spa rooms are springing up all over society. All home buyers want houses with facilities and features that satisfy their wants and fit their lifestyle.


An increasing number of builders are advocating the use of eco-friendly systems in their projects, such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting. This not only saves energy but also utilizes natural resources to meet the requirements.

The health club

One of the most essential recreational facilities. Clubhouses are usually popular locations to unwind and relax after a long day. They are required to plan anniversaries, festivals, and events. Why have another venue when you have one right in front of you?

People’s fitness is one of their top interests and concerns these days. A gymnasium is now a requirement for every housing community. Many well-known housing societies, including New Metro City Kharian, provide first-rate gyms with the greatest equipment and trainers to its residents. Working out is always beneficial for keeping healthy blood pressure and obtaining a flawlessly toned physique.

Commercial and green spaces

It is worth investigating whether there are local supermarkets, bakeries, open markets, shopping centers, and other commercial places, as well as hospitals and health facilities, which will simplify your daily life and eliminate the need to go to other regions.

The existence of schools, language centers, and other educational activities is important for those who have school-age children. A local park is convenient for people who wish to exercise or stroll their children outside.

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