Top 5 Best Investment Societies In Pakistan

Top 5 Best Investment Societies In Pakistan

The real estate sector in Pakistan is bustling right now and the question is that in which Pakistani housing society will you invest in? Responding to this question, we have listed a range of housing schemes/projects where you can invest without hesitation as these projects are approved under the name of trustworthy societies with no potential uncertainty in this regard, completely built with all facilities and ensuring better money-back for investors.

Five Best Residential Societies To Invest In Pakistan

Pakistan’s real estate market is getting better with time after a severe recession – because of the construction of a lot of housing schemes.

Where this development has played a vital role in improving the real estate sector, investors have found it very difficult to choose which ones to reside in for a safe and comfortable lifestyle. To make choosing the right housing society easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best 5 housing investment schemes in Pakistan.

Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town Lahore is the most comfortable housing community, with high living standards and unmatched amenities. It is an ideally positioned community with the highest selling properties. It lies on Main Canal Road and from Thokar Niaz Baig Interchange is easily available. This community is well equipped with innovative features and exceptional facilities. There was a time when people used to give preference to DHA Lahore as the best society in housing. But now, the priorities have shifted and Bahria Town Lahore has become the best residency and investment choice for both.

With world-famous structures like the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty and the Egyptian Pyramids, Bahria Town Lahore is impressively designed. The city also provides out-class living standards and includes state-of-the-art facilities, as well as heart-winning new technologies. It is a city with the largest mosque, regular restaurants and movie theatre. In Bahria Town Lahore, you’ll find each and every brand, best restaurants and top-rated grocery store.

Why Invest In Bahria Town Lahore?

There are high chances of amazing results by buying a property here which can satisfy your yearnings. This place is ideal for investment as there is the property for sale that is quickly becoming one of the most financial hotspots as a result of a thriving upturn in economy.

This place ‘s popularity and income in the Bahria Town Lahore real estate market is what has it for everyone. Due to its top location, luxury facilities, global growth and many more items this place is becoming a center for residence or investment. All this makes it a great place to invest in the prospects for future trade. The rising value and popularity guarantee a great return on the investment. For buying a property with great ease and convenience, it remains very much a luxury destination.

Bahria Orchard Lahore

Bahria Orchard Lahore

Bahria Orchard Lahore is one of the stylish lifestyle housing society where you can live a quiet life away from the Lahore city’s hustle and bustle. Everybody in Lahore or anywhere else in Pakistan dreams of buying the residential or commercial property in the city’s posh areas which includes all the living facilities. Society has the alluring feeling, the minute you step through the majestic door. In Bahria orchard Lahore there are properties for sale, from which investors can take advantage of the opportunity to invest.

To these people, Bahria Orchard is often the first choice to get opportunities to invest capital to get more and more return on investment. It is located 10 minutes away from the Thokar Niaz Baig, by the Raiwind Road in Lahore. Society has the alluring feeling, the minute you step through the majestic door. In Bahria orchard Lahore there are properties for sale, from which investors can take advantage of the opportunity to invest.

Why Invest in Bahria Orchard Lahore?

It is a well-established and the most lucrative place for all to invest. The project is built very exceptionally and offers people both residential and commercial options. New innovations and technology techniques are retained to give it a position on a global level. By investing here which is appealing in its financial status, growth, and venue, you can get the best return and value of your capital.

At Bahria Orchard Lahore everything is planned to meet the needs and demands of modern investors and buyers. The modern infrastructure and the provision of world-class services make the project attractive and top-class. It is becoming a center for top real estate investment in the city of Lahore as property prices are fair and potential returns are high.

Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi

The society has been one of the most lucrative housing schemes for those looking to invest in Pakistan’s residential real estate over the past ten years. One of the factors that has made Bahria Town Karachi one of the best residential real estate investments is its lifestyle in the city.

The houses are designed for a relaxed lifestyle in the latest architectural styles, and luxurious amenities. The town also provides all the basic services you may need including community centers, large mosques, hospitals, and state-of-the-art schools.

Why Invest in Bahria Town Karachi?

There are major factors that make this place a center for high quality and successful investments. In Karachi, several projects are being planned or built but not all of them enjoy the renowned prestige that this place has. It is of up-to-date quality, the unique status of growth, the modern approach makes it the most popular among investors. It aims to satisfy all people’s investment cravings so they can get the best return on their money.

Here you can own property with a very simple payment schedule although there is also a flexible installment scheme. There’s a variety of benefits here to make people’s investment experience very fun and really competitive. Investments are rising day by day because it is a high economic status that is growing more every day. In addition, its perfect location, world-class facilities, and convenient payment plan all significantly contribute to providing the safest and best investment experience.

New Metro City

New Metro City

New Metro City is yet another new BSM Developers housing company. Ideally located on Sarai Alamgir Gujrat Main GT Road. This is a well-planned residential community with an ability to deliver the highest living standards within it. Furthermore, the availability of all modern-day services increases the importance further.

New Metro City is beautifully situated on main GT Street, in the Gujrat district between Sarai Alamgir & Kharian. The location is considered ideal as the GT road is the busiest artery which further connects various Central & Northern Punjab tehsils. Moreover, some trendy, new facilities in the neighborhood complement this community as well.

Why Invest in New Metro City?

You need to consider this place’s big benefits which are very clear if we look at this place. You would be on your way to investing in a pure and safe project if you select New Metro City as your investment asset. Its tactical position, its urban development status, and simple payment plan with the promise of positive returns make it the strongest and most spirited housing firm.

It is now a day’s best type of investment because everybody wants to buy a house or property, but this is the safest investment. This way you’ll have double advantages. In the future, it is ideal for investors to earn an almost assured return on their investments.

Gwadar Golf City

Gwadar Golf City

Gwadar Golf City is a well-established BSM developer housing project. Thanks to its indirect connection with Bahria Town’s Malik Riaz, this new project has generated a lot of buzz in the industry. The project is currently in the pre-launch process, but ground-based improvements have already begun.

Gwadar Golf City enjoys an excellent location on Mouza Paleri Gharbi. It lies at Makran Coastal Highway & Jinnah Avenue 2 junction. There is no precise information available about this project’s total land area, but it is expected to be one of Gwadar’s largest housing schemes. BSM developers strive to show the best of their town planning and housing skills in this primary project

Gwadar Golf City’s master plan is yet to be published but it is currently one of Gwadar’s best-selling projects due to the factors listed above. It’s considered one of the best investment housing schemes today and you cansave comfortably for better returns.

Why Invest in Gwadar Golf City?

Gwadar Golf City is a secure and hot investment hub where high future values are assured by the attractively priced properties available. This housing scheme is gaining a significant place among many other Gwadar developments due to its location, fast-growth approach, and promising potential returns on investment.

The favorable place and surroundings draw a significant number of buyers to purchase property here to experience some of the most excellent income for both living and investing. In addition, the Community plan is based on the projects that are innovative and up to the mark, making it a location worth investing in. This place is gaining high interest and value in Gwadar’s real estate which will continue to grow in the coming period due to the creative approach in all matters.


Just a hand-picked handful of Lahore’s best societies. Numerous other beautifully built and prosperous communities such as New Lahore City, Lake City, Bahria Nasheman, and DHA. In addition, another housing society such as Johar Town, LDA City, and Model Town is also a good choice for building your dream home. There are the variety of choices available but it all depends on your budget and livelihood preferences.

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