The Heart Of Bahria Town Lahore: Sector B


Lahore has become a big city and each sector plays its role in Lahore City’s growth and expansion. Today Lahore is not only well known at the Pakistan Level, but in several fields, the international arena also marks Lahore. Real estate development is also marked as Lahore City’s achievement. Some world-class real estate developed, including Bahria Town, dominates the Lahore Real Estate Sector. Bahria Town is the largest private property developer in Asia. Bahria Town Lahore is a brilliant Bahria Town project offering upscale people from the residential community at payable cost.

Overview Of Bahria Town Lahore Sector B

Sector B is a part of Bahria Town Lahore located adjacent to Executive Lodges and Safari Villas, Sector B is located in the center of Bahria Town Lahore, which is also a plus point for Sector B. Bahria Town Lahore Sector B residents have access to all the luxuries and essential amenities of life that any human dreams of having in their lifestyle.

Sector B is a fully developed sector that has several wonderfully built homes, remaining established plots are a good opportunity to own them from those who want to resell them, and to be part of a substantial residential scheme. Sector B at Bahria Town Lahore is a developed residential sector, while the ownership of Plots was also handed over to the owners of files.


Sector B profits from its strategic location as it is located in the heart of Bahria Town next to the Executive Lodges and Safari Villas.

All new services and facilities are conveniently located just a few minutes drive from Sector B in Bahria City.

Project Type

Completely developed sector with complete infrastructure

Project Charm

In the heart of Bahria Town Lahore, with all facilities and features just few minutes drive away.

Project Status

The project was completed and turned over to the owners. Families have come in and enjoy the wonderful lifestyle. Massive numbers of houses are being constructed to be shortly populated.

Prominent Features Of Sector B

Dotted with lush parks and playgrounds, this is the perfect escape for solace. A fully contained system with underground cable and electricity supply makes it Pakistan’s first of its kind.

  • School
  • Hospital
  • Commercial Area
  • Mosque
  • Bird Sanctuary
  • Wide Road Network
  • Post Office
  • Zoo
  • Cinema
  • Depilex Saloon for Males & Females

Properties For Sale In Sector B Bahria Town Lahore

Plots For Sale

The price of 5 marla residential plots in Bahria Town can range from PKR 35 to 40 lakh anywhere. Slightly more expensive are 10 marla plots — between PKR 65 and 95 lakh. In the meantime, the most costly of all are 1 kanal plots, with prices ranging from PKR 1.55 to over 2 crore.

Apartments For Sale

In Sector C of Bahria City, Lahore, a 1-bed apartment can be purchased in PKR 12.5 lakh. In other markets, though, the cost of flats can go as high as PKR 50 lakh. The cost for a Shazia Heights 2-bed flat starts with PKR 90 lakh and can go over a crore.

Developmental Status

Sector B is divided into Umer Block, Ali Block, Usman Block, Ghouri Block, and Shaheen Block blocks. Sector B of Bahria Town Lahore is located around Bahria Town’s Eastern Avenue. Bahria Town’s Sector B has gardens and parks that provide the right entertainment point while Sector B’s Commercial Plaza has all international brands in the same area, enabling customers to shop with continence at any time. Bahria Mosque around Eastern Avenue provides health facilities while Safari Zoo is another way for residents to have fun. The dedicated Telephone Exchange provides the telecommunications facilities in line with modern standards of communication.

Mosque at Safari is a way to connect with the ALLAH and purify the soul. While Sector B also has Beauty Clinic, Bahria Square is also home to Safari Villas devoted to the people of Sector B. In order to deal with any incident, a fire station is always in operational condition.

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