SQ 99 Mall is the largest housing project in Bahria Town Lahore, a fantastic and most important commercial development. There are many top-class schemes in Bahria Town on its property that offer people bright opportunities. Another impressive design built by Ali Saqlain is the SQ 99 Mall. The designers had decided to set up the most exclusive and biggest shopping mall to prove the perfect place to invest and buy.

Located at the ideal location and flexible payment plan, in its pre-booking process, it has already captured investors ‘ hearts.  On 8 Commercials (1C to 8C) the project will be developed. It will be the tall, SQ 99 Mall, Standing seven-story shops for investors with varying amounts of capital.

SQ Mall 99 sells premium restaurants, food courts and sports fields. The shops available are best suited for brands of fashion and retail, multi-purpose shops, franchise and outlets, restaurant and food court, state-of – the-art supermarkets, and entertainment venues.


SQ 99 MALL is situated in the Bahia Town of Lahore, Nishtar Block. The venture is just next to the Bahria Town Lahore Grand Jamia Mosque with direct access from the Eiffel Tower’s central boulevard. SQ 99 Mall is located near Main Jinnah Road, Bahria Mart, Green Valley Mosque, Bahria Petrol Pump, Bahria Town Parking Space. This SQ 99 Mall’s hottest location will make a major difference to business’ growth. The nearest proximity to the new Lahore Ring Road makes it ideal for both short-term and long-term investors.

SQ 99 Mall is Bahria Town Lahore’s largest mall on a three-year simple installment plan by Ali Saqlain, a Bahria Town licensed dealer. SQ 99 Mall has selected Lahore’s most excellent and desirable location, which will be extremely beneficial for commercial and industrial purposes. Both people’s investment and market yearnings will be met here in the best way possible, surrounded by developed areas, main roads, business sectors and many other valuable sites. The positioning of this Bahria Town’s biggest shopping mall is the outstanding one from all angles.


Square 99 Mall is a famous and popular Lahore-based company that will provide people with high-profile luxury business opportunities. The design will deliver beautifully designed commercial spaces showcasing both cultures and development.

The plan was designed artistically to provide the high rental prices with a new and most progressive perspective. It is designed and constructed with the aid of internationally renowned designers, engineers and developers who have made every effort to make this place extraordinary.

The plan is planned to provide those who want the best return on their money to the shops and workplaces. The mall’s design was funded in keeping with the advanced concepts that can easily catch anyone’s eye. There are 5 floors where you can find different size shops and other spaces for people who want to invest for the best returns. All the spaces are built here in an auspicious way to satisfy all people’s needs and desires.

You can find various retail shops, restaurants and other spaces from the ground floor to the 4th floor, while the 5th floor is reserved for food courts, etc. Stores are available in various sizes, i.e. from 195 SFT to 680 SFT, from which customers can choose their needs.


This shopping mall is a smartly designed shopping mall that provides different layouts of retail spaces depending on their size, design and capacity. The project provides shops, franchises, offices, food courts etc. that are well finished and fully facilitated.

This project’s designers and managers have revealed the very competitive and enticing payment plan. It is very well designed to keep people’s comforts, advantages and conveniences in mind. SQ Mall 99 Lahore offers people the golden investment and business opportunities where they get their money’s outstanding return and value.

The deposit is available and can be made according to the estate you want to purchase with a 25 percent down payment. Pretty simple payment plans are available for people who will require approval payments after the specific time periods.

Not only is SQ 99 Mall tastefully sophisticated and tangibly inclusive, it also has up-to-date payment plan requirements. Here the shop prices are different depending on the location and width of the market. This project is ideally arranged to provide you with the desired investment zone while you can capture clear updates of the payment plan by reviewing the following payment chart where all the details are available to you.

  1. Basement Shops

Store prices ranges from 55 lakes to 80 lakes. Booking will be charged in 36 monthly installments with 25 percent down payment and the rest.

  1. Ground Floor

Shops ‘ value starts with 2.5 crores to 3 crores. Booking with 25 percent down payment and this payment plan requires 36 monthly installments.

  1. First Floor

The first floor shows the prices of stores in different categories. The shop’s prices start at 60 lakes up to 2 crores. Shop prices vary depending on the class and venue.

  1. Second Floor

Shop prices ranges from 55 lakes to 1,65 crores. Booking with 25% down payment and 36 monthly payments are open.

  1. Third Floor

At the starting price of 40 lakes to 1.25 crore, different categories of shops are available. The down payment is 25% and the rest is divided into 36 monthly installments.

  1. Fourth Floor

Shop prices start at 35 lakes and are available at a total of 1 crore. 25% Down payment or 36 payments per month.

  1. Fifth floor

This floor is reserved for stores in the food court. The cost for both corner and regular shops is from 85 lakes to 1 crore.


  • Properties continue to be in higher demand at outstanding sites.
  • Buy and rent your office for a steadily growing rental shield.
  • The design was designed using materials of first order.
  • Spacious three-sided parking makes it the most suitable place at peak hours.
  • New services, design and functionality have been simplified by the company
  • Non-stop support facilities guarantee the project’s long life and peace of mind.
  • Great stores–195 sq. each. Feet–match the scale of your business needs.
  • SQ 99 Mall meets with shops around the world.
  • Fabulous aspects of the venture make it a’ good investment call.’
  • The design is also suitable for restaurants.

SQ 99 Mall faces the Eiffel Tower, which becomes a focal point of public gatherings in Bahria Town Lahore. Direct access from Main Boulevard is accessible to the site.

Ali Saqlain Real Estate and Builders provides you with affordable prices that are comparatively lower than rivals on the market. The payment plan for SQ 99 Mall extends with an advance payment of 25 percent over 36 monthly installments each due after 1 month.


SQ 99 Mall Lahore, the largest shopping mall, is a landmark development that offers people outstanding investment and business standards. This place is designed and established while taking into account people’s needs as well as modern age requirements. The place has so much to give to those who choose this location, built on the advanced and the new model.

All your yearnings and cravings will be met in the best way, whilst you will be surrounded by all the conveniences and services that are necessary for any place of business. For business and investment, this place is truly amazing. This place’s sleek designs and facilities are captivating enough to attract anyone’s interest instantly. A plan was made absolutely outstanding and worth considering by the following services and amenities. Have a look at the basic facilities and amenities Square 99 mall Bahria Town Lahore has to offer:

  • Advanced infrastructure
  • Latest Designed Shops and offices
  • Restaurants
  • High Alert Security
  • Ideal Location
  • Parking Facility
  • Spacious Corridors
  • Entertainment Zone
  • Luxury Cinema
  • Fast Lifts
  • Elevators
  • International standards
  • Best Interior and Exterior
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Maintenance Staff


It is a project by builders and developers from Ali Saqlain who in the context of this project have marked excellence on Lahore’s real estate.

They also recruited real estate advertisers to work in retail, commercial and industrial projects to boost innovation. The developers put their experience and map valuable value estate that fulfills all buyers ‘ expectations.

Through planning this master-planned development in the important place named Bahria Town Lahore, the builders are going towards the realization level of customer sector and investment fantasies.

The designers are focused on their journey in this venture, which ultimately leads them to build modern infrastructure at Lahore city’s most visited venue. Ali Saqlain Builders and builders demonstrate their entrepreneurial skills particularly for urban development while this undertaking is a pure picture of promising value, timely delivery and legal property.

Do you not feel that these are estimated consumer specifications that you all want to see in your property? Seeing all people’s needs and expectations, developers are always using their varied skills and leading their team to prepare every task, modeling modern / ideal ventures under managed financing and eventually reaching the height of growth. To order to meet customer requirements, their promising protocols are admirable.

SQ 99 Mall is Ali Saqlain developers ‘ excellent establishment that meets all the needs of potential buyers, business minds and investors. The best conditions and choices are available here for people with a high level of development and attractive payment plan.



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