Societies With Best Features Adopt

Societies With Best Features Adopt

Where the growth in the real estate sector has played a vital role in improving the economy, buyers have found it very difficult to choose which ones to live in for a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. With that in mind, here are some of the best features that good societies in Pakistan offer. Comprehensive knowledge of these features and facilities will make it easier for you to select the right housing society.

Best Housing Societies In Pakistan

Since it is just as important to find the ideal housing society as to find a perfect plot or a home, we have listed a few of the striking characteristics that people are drawn to when deciding-housing society to invest in. Here are the top best residential housing societies:

  • Bahria Town
  • Bahria Orchard
  • Defence Housing Authority (DHA)
  • Model Town
  • Gulberg
  • Wapda Town
  • Royal Residencia
  • Lake City Lahore
  • Fazaia Housing Scheme

Prominent Features Of These Housing Societies

Both overseas and local buyers usually prefer investing in housing societies owned by prominent developers when it comes to buying a property in Pakistan to ensure that their investment stays secure and will give them more profit in the future. Those looking for short-term investments usually buy properties in well-developed projects whereas those with long-term investment plans mostly buy properties in developing communities.

Eco-Friendly Construction

Given the magnitude of the country’s water shortage, it is crucial to pursue eco-friendly methods of conserving water through the use of rain\water harvesting systems. Choose a property that has environmentally-friendly features such as solar panels, energy-efficient furniture, etc.

Everything in a Gated Community

Security and safety are one of the attributes people look for in a housing society; that is the reason why gated communities have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. In reality, building such projects or schemes is considered as one of the country’s fastest-growing trends in real estate.

In Pakistan, gated communities can be described as exclusive residential communities that are typically enclosed by a fence or boundary wall, with qualified security men protecting each point of entry and exit. These housing societies, in addition to providing residents with around-the-clock protection, often limit the number of outside visitors by only allowing permitted guests to access the premises. These limitations not only help protect people from petty offenders and robbers but also play an important role in minimizing traffic on society’s roads while maintaining a sense of community life.

Additionally, living in a gated community offers residents a sense of privacy and harmony, as well as giving children a safer environment.

Remarkable Planning

Also, among the top characteristics of successful housing societies in Pakistan are the planning, infrastructure and attention to detail. Some of the constituents that make a consumer housing community more appealing include new, state-of-the-art architecture, large and well-paved roads, pedestrian crossings, underground electric cables, adequate sewerage and sanitation systems, parks, cemeteries, dedicated parking areas, footpaths and pavements, and much more.

This is one of the primary reasons why areas such as DHA Islamabad, Bahria City, and Gulberg are considered Pakistan’s top housing real estate projects.

Social infrastructure

It is a must-have for multi-utility stores delivering goods and services within the housing society. It may be difficult to find basic amenities or food and shops at a distance, particularly for projects located in upcoming locations. These utility stores inside the community make it easy to find the goods right at the doorstep at services.

Affordable Payment Plans

Two of the best aspects of a successful housing community are economic costs and reasonably simple installment plans. Residential schemes with state-of-the-art facilities and an array of other amenities also boast higher rates of land. However, some housing societies offer a number of housing options as well as payment plans to raise buyers from diverse economic backgrounds. In other words, payment plans are considered to be a catalyst in the real estate industry because they provide consumers with an opportunity to pay for their property in a series of small payments over a fixed period of time instead of making big payments.

The healthy living

The presence of fitness clubs, especially a gym, sports facilities, a yoga hall, or a meditation space, gives a sound lifestyle in a real sense. Outdoor facilities, including separate children’s play parks and seating areas for senior citizens, are an additional bonus. Must check these out before you book a company house.

Concerned Authorities

One of the most significant features of good housing societies is also the approval of concerned construction and planning authorities, such as CDA in Islamabad and LDA in Lahore. If a local planning authority has approved and checked a residential scheme, it is most certainly free from property scams and fraud, thus making it a safe place to invest. The status of a housing society can be easily verified by visiting the planning and development authority’s website to verify their NOC.

Other Common Facilities & Amenities

Modern housing societies somehow provide their tenants with an abundance of world-class amenities. Some of the most common facilities provided by housing societies include CCTV surveillance, uninterrupted energy supply, community centers, sports facilities and playgrounds, access to high-quality health care and reputable educational institutions, restaurants, and cafes, mosques, shopping areas with domestic and foreign brand outlets, leisure spots, and more.

It is also a must to have access to critical services such as gas and water connections. Housing companies with such facilities are usually comparatively costly, but they are also the primary reason why real estate investors flock to get property in such residential systems.

Things To Consider When Buying A Plot In A Housing Society In Pakistan

You must consider the following things before buying a plot for living purposes or even for investment purposes in society.

Developer’s Reputation

The credibility of developers is the primary factor to remember when evaluating any scheme. Actually, it represents the overall housing scheme norm. In order to ensure their investment remains secure, buyers and investors generally consider investing in housing societies owned by reputable developers. Previous track record is another factor to be seen as well, does the developer have enough equipment, manpower, finances. If he has already upheld his promises on his previous projects, this will help you assess the reputation of the developers.

Connectivity & Proximity

Location is everything in the Real Estate industry. If there is a plot in a far-off place with unpaved paths, living in it doesn’t make any sense. To make matters worse, the city’s main centers are not close, either. In other words, in determining the worth of the housing scheme, connectivity with society along with proximity to the city’s main hub also matters. Location is key a well-placed plot will offer a healthy ROI almost always.

Legal Approvals

Any housing scheme needs to have a valid legal standing. Each city has corresponding development agencies that offer NOC to these developments. In order to maintain protection, safety, and quality of production, they maintain control & balance of certain parameters.

Legal approvals help people understand whether or not it is legal to grow. Because no one wants to engage in some falsified schemes or scams. It is also suitable for investment because of the legal status of the housing scheme. Keep in mind here that TMA or NOC of the Tehsil Municipal Authority is not the same as DA NOC. Unlike TMA, there are many separate departments that need to offer NOC before a final NOC is awarded from DA.

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