SA Garden Vs. Al Kabir Town: What Offers Affordable Property Rates

Where would you choose to live and invest when you want ideal features and comfort from the housing society? The first thing you’ll look for when you’re about to buy your dream property is the location. If you are about to go anywhere, you don’t need to drive for hours because all the basic and advanced facilities are near at hand. So, SA Garden or Al Kabir Town? What to choose? How to choose?

This blog has a comprehensive comparison of the two societies. So, choose wisely!

SA Garden Vs. Al Kabir Town: Overview

Each time you plan to invest in properties, you’ll be asked about these two by every second person you ask for advice. But still, is there uncertainty as to which of these cultures is best to invest?

So, let’s look at the specifics of both projects to get the best response!


sa garden

SA Garden

SA Gardens Lahore is situated in the prime location of the Sheikhupura district of Kala Shah Kaku Main GT Route. With a 20-30 minute drive, this new housing project is easily accessible from the inner areas of Lahore. At GT Road GT Road, where Chak No 44 Road ends, SA Garden Phase 1 is located. As this beautiful housing community is situated next to it, you can easily reach the motorway interchange.


Al Kabir Town

The location of Al-Kabir Town Lahore on Main Raiwind Road is premium, as it is directly across from Lake City Lahore. Beaconhouse National University and Bahria Town Lahore are in the vicinity whereas Adda Plot is close by. In just a few minutes, the newly opened Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop 2 intersection will provide you easy access to the main city areas.

Property Prices

SA Garden

With all the modern facilities that will push you to create your dream residence in the ideal location, each block is beautifully built. Both residential and commercial plots are provided in all these buildings. With all the modern facilities that will push you to create your dream residence in the ideal location, each block is beautifully built. Both residential and commercial plots are provided in all these buildings. The latest prices are as follows:

  • 3 Marla – Rs. 6,00,000
  • 5 Marla – Rs. 10,00,000
  • 8 Marla – Rs. 16,00,000
  • 10 Marla – Rs. 20,00,000

Al Kabir Town

Prices of plots in Al Kabir Town Lahore are very fair as opposed to the average prices of housing schemes in the area. Following are Al Kabir Town’s full plots prices but you can also easily pay for them through affordable payment plans:

  • 3 Marla – Rs. 1,500,000
  • 5 Marla – Rs. 2,500,000
  • 8 Marla – Rs. 3,600,000
  • 10 Marla – Rs. 4,500,000
  • 1 Kanal – Rs. 6,500,000

Phases And Block

SA Garden

It has 2 phases. Phase 1 is divided down into 5 blocks. Phase 2 is split into fourteen blocks. Of the entire 14 blocks, however, the first 7 blocks are fully developed; the remaining 4 are under construction.

Al Kabir Town

It has two phases. Phase 1 of Al Kabir Town is split into two parts – Block A and Block A-Extension. Phase 2 is slightly larger in size than Phase 1. Each process is composed of nine parts, i.e. A, B, C, D, and E.

Payment Plan

SA Garden

The payment plan of SA Gardens Lahore is another appealing aspect that draws investor interest. The company is currently offering 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 8 Marla, & 10 Marla residential plots therein. With a convenient payment plan of 36 months, all the plots are open. The project’s simple payment plan offers a perfect opportunity for consumers to purchase high-value property at reasonable rates.

Including the development fees, the payment plan for the 3 Marla & 5 Marla plots is also given. The construction fees for 8 Marla & 10 Marla plots are, however, not included and will be paid later. The development charges are 50,000 PKR for 1 Marla.

Al Kabir Town

With a 3-year payment plan, Al Kabir Town Lahore plots are affordable. All categories of plots available in Al Kabir Town Lahore require monthly installments to be charged.


SA Garden

SA Group is a renowned and emerging brand in Pakistan’s real estate market. It is their only project, but this single project is larger than many residential communities in the city. Within the housing society, there are sub-commercial projects often built by the same developers.

The developers believe in providing the community with high-quality living standards. Their hard-working leadership and production team make sure the tasks are completed on time. All of the projects produced reflect their skill set and commitment to work. SA Group will soon launch more housing companies and shopping malls in various cities throughout the country.

Al Kabir Town

The company behind this superlative and impressive undertaking is Al-Kabir Developers. In the historical sense of property growth, they have a strong reputation. Before that, in Lahore, they provided a remarkable and highly successful housing venture that gave them great international admiration. By molding the top-notch living style of individuals before the defined day and age, they have constantly tried to deliver excellent living spaces.

AL-Town of Kabir Pvt. Ltd takes a shot at a dream of making an equivalent Pakistan by evacuating the imitated possession and wealth potential that our general public creates among the people.

Common Features

  • Jamia Masjids in Different Blocks
  • International Standard Schools
  • Largest & Well- Designed front & Well-Structured Town
  • 24 Hours availability of public transportation
  • Underground Electricity, Electricity Backup, Best Sewerage System
  • Marine World
  • Gated Community & 24/7 Security
  • Grocery Stores in each Block
  • Modern Sports Complex Shopping Malls

Summing It Up

There is a very good response from the general public because by booking their home places in Al Kabir city, there are many people who have to facilitate themselves. So, it’s the best place to live where you can get satisfaction from your home. To all parties, the past of this culture is quite lucrative. For all those parties who want to buy a house or some other group that wants to invest in it, it is a really lucrative project plan. Since it has a very strong facility for rental revenue.

Likewise, not only is SA Gardens Lahore a housing community, but it is a complete package that will provide you with all the modern-day amenities and exclusive features of international living standards in a peaceful atmosphere. It is situated in the perfect position from which the various main areas of the city can be easily accessed. The property rates are also fair and the simple installment plan provides plots.

Both the societies offer affordable rates but if you are looking for 1 Kanal residential plot, choose Al Kabir Town and for Marla plots, your ideal choice should be SA Garden.

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