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New Metro City is definitely a valuable living place. It is equipped with all the equipment necessary to enjoy a pleasant existence. Nowadays, New Metro City has become a picture of fashion and luxury life. It’s one of Pakistan’s good housing societies. And if we say that as a standard society, New Metro City can be a market, it won’t be an exaggeration.

New Metro City Commercial & Residential plots

From structural finesse to facilities, all about New Metro City is just magical, it’s not going to be incorrect to claim that New Metro City is a prodigy that connects Pakistan to an overseas environment. Let alone the Country Club is a picture-perfect blend of amusement for both adults and children. Food, enjoyment and a little golf!

New Booking Of New Metro City Commercial Plots

New Metro City is offering the best commercial plot deals of 4 Marla, 6 Marla & 8 Marla. This new booking of plots is stated on the easy installment plan of 3 years. You can simply book your plot with a down payment of 15%. Complete details of the payment plan are provided as:

Plot SizeTotal PriceDown Payment36 Monthly InstallmentAt Balloting (10%)
4 Marla
6 Marla
8 Marla

A Load Shedding Free Life

Because New Metro City has its own transmission lines and grid stations, inhabitants need not experience frequent energy breakdowns and shedding of loads. This has become one of the main factors why this initiative attracts buyers. In addition, the community has also set up its own pre-school, school, and college in culture to provide higher-standard education for young people. International standard hospitals, mosques of grandeur and beautiful infrastructure have produced it the best way to live.

Conveyance Made Easy

Conveyance is not a big issue for those residing in New Metro City, as individuals have access to public transportation along with rickshaws, which leaves the gated community every half an hour beginning during standard time. You can also book a taxi through one of the country’s many ride-hailing facilities.

Is New Metro City Safe?

New Metro City’s life is extremely secure. Once you’re component of New Metro City’s gated community, your lives and cash are risk-free. New Metro City has a 24/7-based, careful safety scheme. In order to observe any suspect and uncommon activity, wireless CCTV cameras are placed around the location. These state-of-the-art safety methods, wireless CCTV cameras, and all-time prepared safety employees ensure safe living within New Metro City community.

Property Trends

If you compare New Metro City ownership prices and patterns with significant corporations, New Metro City estate is mildly more expensive to sell. You can add New Metro City to your list if you are looking for low-price business properties for purchase.

New Metro City’s lease developments are relatively a little more sensible. New rental rates for the Metro City plot are also inexpensive. That’s why you’ll see a large amount of individuals in New Metro City renting. From the past many years, BSM developers are delivering international standards of lifestyle by providing what they have committed and that is why they are a renowned name in project management.

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