New Lahore City


New Lahore City is a perfect and vast city that gives you the best opportunities to work, spend and trade. Developed by the popular and established name Rafi Group and Zaitoon, this housing society has become an icon for all that it provides. Advanced ideas and concepts are highly kept in order to provide people with a modern sort of living.

New Lahore City is among those housing schemes that are set up with the goal of facilitating its residents in every aspect of life and improving people’s living standards. Located at Lahore’s top-most and perfect spot, the place is catching the interest of so many people for a stable and profitable investment. This initiative offers people glorious chances to book plots with a good price range and simple installment plans with the promise of future amazing returns.

The quality and affordability of land in this town is very good for the people of Lahore. There is an increasing supply of property in well-known projects such as New Lahore City to meet the growing demand for plots for sale. The types of properties available in New Lahore City, for example, are both commercial and residential and can be bought in plot files or single plots.


New Lahore City is quite close to the town of Bahria. And some of its blocks are located right next to Bahria Town Lahore’s Sector F. The scheme also provides NFC phase 2 neighbors making it even more appealing in the future due to the close proximity of the NFC interchange with Lahore Ring Road. Driving from Thokar Niaz Baig to New Lahore City takes about 20-30 minutes under normal driving conditions.


New Lahore City is offering you golden housing and investment options. The business opportunities are vivid here too. This highest and innovative planned community provides commercial and residential plots in multiple sizes. Large commercial markets are also available to provide the market and consumer minds with great opportunities. This community, being accepted over a large area, is divided into numerous blocks including blocks A, B, C and Premium enclave.

Promising to be a city within a city, it will be the first initiative of its kind to connect people from all walks of life with world-class infrastructures. New Lahore City will have something to fit any lifestyle, from inexpensive plots and residential options to hi-end product offerings in the form of condominiums, luxurious villas and farm houses.

This society is designed and developed by paying attention to each and every little detail to create an overall wonderful place to live. You should find the position really ideal for you and your family to live and invest in. New Lahore City, being a large and sprawling city, is divided into various sectors and blocks. All the blocks are built similarly and deliver plots of varying sizes.

Royal Enclave (Block A)

You’ll be delighted to see the luxurious stable necessities in Royal Enclave, including large parking with the grand commercial area. Royal Block or Block A is directly accessible from the company’s 150 feet wide road. You can own a commercial property where company facilities are mind-blowing. Position front of the Royal Block is entirely reserved for commercial property.

Place ruling commercial property has an exciting attribute to groom the company in the near future. When you pass the commercial area, you’ll reach the Royal Enclave Block residential property. New City Lahore Royal Enclave under the foolproof security guards and CCTV cameras is the sure secure area.

Each residential plot in the form of theme parks and sports clubs has a close connection to the entertainment zone. There are ample open ground and public buildings under construction at the right end of the New City Lahore Royal Enclave. Areas to which the program applies may be designated as commercial property or living areas.

Premium Enclave (Block B)

You can see Premium Block (Block B) at the opposite side of Royal Enclave (Block A) after passing the entrance to society. Premium Block essentially plotted with 150 feet wide road hub at the main location of the city. You can own commercial and residential plots of distinct sizes here in Block B.

You can see luxury commercial properties right in front of you at the main entrance of New Lahore City Premium Enclave. In comparison, if you’re talking about the residential area, you’re going to indulge in mind-blowing property cutting because every living plot has equal supremacy in society. All plots are directly accessible from big, powerful roads and you can even enjoy the closely connected entertainment parks to each plot.

Pearl Enclave Block (Block C)

Like the other blocks, New Lahore City Pearl Enclave (Block C) is located right up to Block B, with absolute adorable residential and commercial real estate important. Here in Pearl Enclave you can own multiple business plots in front position with adequate front-face parking with 150 feet wide road accessibility.

When you enter the New Lahore City Pearl Enclave you can see business plots in front of you but unexpectedly when you cross business property you can see huge theme parks that are sure to start residential property identification. New Lahore City planners, on the other hand, have designed in Pearl Enclave Block a mixed living arrangement in the form of multiple small and large plots.

Each residential is closely linked to entertainment zone, shopping area, private and public properties, with large 30 to 50 feet of lane. Well, reputed educational institutions, well-arranged parks, approved restaurants are closely linked to the Pearl Block of New Lahore City.


The society has developed around this position with practitioners and specialists who give serious consideration to everything about it. Building and construction work has been very complete while some of the work that is going on a rapid basis is still left. Development work is ongoing, with design and completion of the central boulevard.

The construction of connecting roads to Main Boulevard is under way while the ongoing process also involves the development of sewerage electrification. The booking process is available in virtually every block as well. There are still some parts of society under preparation. New Lahore city is getting very strong recognition and interest in all sectors because of its innovative approach to development.


Live comfortably and luxuriously isn’t possible, you always have to pay high prices. It is common to think that such a large project may have very high property prices but this is not so. New Lahore City offers a very competitive and versatile payment plan for newcomers who want high returns and incentives with inexpensive investment.

After going through the comprehensive payment plan for this initiative, you’ll learn it’s also very appealing like New Lahore City’s other projects, too. The resources here provide residents with the golden opportunities. All are fairly priced. Potential values of this project’s property will definitely rise and it’s the best time to make a bargain to get the desired profits. Here the residential and commercial plots are available in different sizes from which the owners or consumers can choose according to their needs.

Easy Payment Options

The payment plan for New Lahore City is designed in such a way that anybody from any background will buy plots of society without prejudice. The Booking will make a down payment of 25 percent and the remainder of the balance can be charged in the 42-month installment plan. The full payment would earn a 10 percent discount. The booking process is also very easy where you can book a plot with some amount of down payment. 


Depending on your families, interest and company needs, you can choose any plot for sale as whatever deal you can make, rewards and golden returns are guaranteed. All the plots here are fully equipped with the necessary necessities. They are linked to roads and because of New Lahore City’s advanced layout each of them enjoys a very good location in the society.

The society offers you a very good chance to book your plot without getting out of your pocket, because the current rates are very enticing. Naturally, the demand and prices of all the plots will improve in the coming time and at the right time you will get excellent results and outcomes from your investment.

Because of the rising interest and demand for this housing scheme, new investors and consumers are very inclined to catch place here. Here you will find residential as well as commercial properties. A large, top-class housing community offers different sizes of plots for sale. Individuals may choose according to family needs. The 5 and 10 Marla housing plots are here for tiny households. The scale of the commercial plots is 2 Marla, 5 Marla, and 8 Marla.

Options For Commercial Plots

Current planning for Lahore City also requires a large number of commercial properties. For some unusual shops or commercial markets these are not just ordinary plots. New Lahore City is welcoming businessmen from various business sectors to come and create their own outlets. There are a large number of plots available in different sizes to satisfy the commercial sector requirements, such as:

  • Retail Businesses (Food & Beverage outlets, Mega Stores, Fashion outlets, Telecom franchises)
  • Family Entertainment (Shopping Centers, Restaurant, Cinema Halls)
  • Education (Schools, university campuses, colleges)
  • Finance (Financial institutions, banks, corporate offices)
  • Health Care (Hospitals, Lab collections centers, Clinics, Pharmacy)

Naturally, prices for plots in New Lahore City fluctuate depending on their location. For example, a plot file of 75 square yards for sale near Railway Park costs considerably more than one near the road to the Canal Bank as it is in a more populated area. 


New Lahore City is a project that Zaitoon group is building. They have successfully launched and completed projects such as Landmark Plaza, Zaitoon Plaza and Japan Center in the past.  You may assume the expectations of New Lahore City should be fulfilled. With 120 large projects under their belt, Rafi Group & Zaitoon Group have now unveiled the largest single construction project in Lahore, called New Lahore City.


It has become a very remarkable and auspicious institution which offers good investment and business space to seekers golden opportunities. Bing established by such well-known, trustworthy and admired real estate companies, this project is gaining a very high reputation in the industry. All the leaders and people interested in creating and improving this place have worked with outstanding and dedication, and that is why they have succeeded in giving the citizens of Lahore such a wonderful place.

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