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The Al Kabir Town Developer has come up with a marvellous project i.e. Kings Town Housing Society Lahore – it is a modern and well-maintained project for urban planning in Lahore. On 1 November, 2020, Kings Town launching ceremony took place on Sunday. This is Al Kabir Town’s 3rd expansion, with government approval.

The unprecedentedly famous architects, planners and experts with a mission have created this world standard way of living network to give everybody an occasion to live fantastically at the expense that everyone should.

Al Kabir Town provides three private properties, one Marla, one Marla, one Marla, one Marla and one Kanal, with all the offices and cultures of the highest level of living. Al-Kabir Developers are giving you enticing life and speculation openings in Kings Town Lahore after achieving gigantic success in Phase 1 and Phase 2, Al-Kabir.

King Town Lahore is also known as Al-Kabir Town Phase 3 Lahore as Al-Kabir Town Developers’ most recent land development, which anticipates all top offices, extravagances and reasonability. Kings Town Lahore is a one-stop solution for all the property needs and crosses a large area of territory.

This is where for all advanced cultures you are greatly promoted. Lords Town Lahore has all the necessities to survive extremely well. This general public would have the most defined and mature structure and an insight into the city organized in sections along with the properties.


Kings Town Located at Raiwind Road and closest to the ring road Lahore, Bahria Orchard is located opposite. Situated on the Lahore main Raiwind Road, close to Lake City and Bahria Orchard Lahore, Ring Road, 12 mint drive from the International Airport of Allama Iqbal.

Kings Town Location Al Kabir Town Lahore

10 Mint Drive in the neighbourhood of the AWT town of Sui Gas Phase 2, Beaconhouse Housing Society and Adda Plot Jati Umrah, to DHA Lahore, Behind Bahria Town.


Al-Kabir Developers is proud to announce a new project “Kings Town Raiwind Road Lahore,” following Al-Kabir ‘s magnificent performance in phase 1, phase 2 and delivery of projects before that. Kings Town provides the luxury services that you merit at a prime location on Main Raiwind Road Lahore.

This is a society where all modern comforts are really handy. Kings Town is full of everything that is important to unbelievable life. This firm has the most sophisticated and built infrastructure, careful urban planning and installation properties, making it the most attractive alternative to enjoy a substantial living.

Features and facilities include:

  • Park
  • Mosque
  • School
  • Superior Univerciety Campus
  • Ring Road
  • Wide Car Parking
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Utilities
  • Wide Raods
  • Commercial Markets
  • 24/7 Security
  • Hospital
  • Near to Bahria Town
  • Near to Raiwind Ijtama


LDA 100% approved LDA Project issued Kings Town Housing Society, the key attribute of the Kings Town Lahore project is that LDA is in complete favour.

The Al-Kabir developers are completely funded by the country before its events launch. This 100% acceptance by the specialists makes their centre for healthy business with modern qualities and excellent results.

The Lahore Kings Town Housing Company’s 4 year payment package makes payment simple. 2 Years in ownership.


  • In case of corner, facing park and main boulevard plots, 10 percent of extra fee is charged.
  • In 2 years period, possession of plots will be granted.

Kings Town Lahore is a great contribution to rising people’s living conditions. This modern and enticing location is ideal for your own dream home. In addition to properties on facilities, it features an ideal location and appealing facilities for you to move in. No-one should even neglect the immense investment value of the best-selling homes.

Kings Town Homes 5-Marla Payment Plan

CategoryTotal PriceBooking48 Monthly
Installment After
Six Month
On Possession
Home (25*45)9,750,0001,250,00050,000512,5002,000,000

Kings Town Floor Wise Payment Plan

CategoryTotal PriceBooking48 Monthly
Every Year
On Possession
Ground Floor (25*45)4,200,000800,00030,000200,0001,160,000
First Floor (25*45)3,900,000700,00027,000200,0001,100,000
Second Floor (25*45)3,600,000600,00023,000200,0001,040,00

Kings Town 5-Marla Plot (25*45)

CategoryTotal PriceBooking42 Monthly
On Possession
5-Marla Plot (25*45)4,250,0008,50,00063,0007,50,000


  • 10% extra will be charged in case of Corner, Facing Park and Main Boulevard.
  • Possession of  Plots will be given within 2 years (IN SHA ALLAH).


Al-Kabir Developer’s Kings Town Lahore is an as built network focused on latest ideas. It’s yet another accommodation trip in which all is phenomenal. In Kings Town Lahore, the best private and commercial properties are to be found both in portions by buyers and financial specialists.

This most recent accommodation firm provides many fair private and business vacancies. King Town Lahore has various squares as the finished accommodation business. There are meticulously designed squares with the finest plots and houses to buy.

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  • Residential: Kings Town Lahore’s guide currently exhibits the arrangement of the private plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 13.5 Marla.
  • Commercial: A few sizes of ads will soon be visible in Kings Town Lahore, including the plots and stores.
  • Apartments and Homes: 3 separate payment options in luxury home style.

New Deal of Apartment Homes in Kings Town Lahore

A new deal of apartment homes has been unveiled in Kings Town Lahore. There are five Marla three-story houses that have been perfectly built for installs. Started in the four-year adjustable payment schedule, these homes are ideally fit for investments in Kings Town Lahore.

Anyone interested can purchase a whole Marla 5-story house or buy a store as desired.

Apartments will be relocated within two years of this instalment arrangement being concluded. There are both 1-bed and 2-room regular and extravagant condos available.


Because of its thorough planning, state-of-the-art amenities and characteristics, high-tech safety systems, and other modern life utilities for citizens, Kings Town Lahore is turning the leaders of investors and real buyers. The population is increasingly expanding worldwide and in particular in the developing countries.

Kings Town Lahore of Al Kabir is a project that many have trusted. In addition to the services of banks, ATMs, local hospitals, service stations, tank stations, bakers and food shops, it provides all of the necessary facilities such as petrol, water and electricity.

Moreover, since the society has its own energy grid and power generators, no electricity shortages or unexpected disruptions can be assured. Moreover, since both cables are underground, eye sores or distraction of the natural views are not triggered. Ring road linked with Raiwind allows its inhabitants to enter the rest of the society quickly.

For Local Residence Client

  • CNIC Copy
  • Nominee CNIC Copy
  • Two Passport Size Photographs 
  • Cash/ Pay Order of Down Payment

For Overseas Pakistani Client

  • Online Payment on Company’s Account.
  • Same Documents as Local Client No Physical appearance required.


The clean and safe grounds of Al Kabir Town guarantee its residents full tranquilly. Likewise, its legal status makes it the best investment avenue in the region. So all is totally secure today and tomorrow in Al Kabir, your home, life and future.

  • Effective cost
  • Development partners of high quality

It is phase 3 Al-Kabir Town Housing Community, Kings Town Society Lahore, and the Al-Kabir Town has delivered more than five hundred houses to its customers and more than 2000 flats, built two phases and three thousand plots of land, one of the finest communities in Raiwind Road Lahore.

Al-Kabir Developers’ Kings Town Lahore is a well-planned, state-of-the-art society. This is a brand, yet housing business that is great for you to do all the stuff. Both buyers and developers find the best residential and commercial properties on increments here in Kings Town Lahore.

This new housing corporation has several affordable options for residential and investment. Kings Town Lahore is designed with many blocks as the full housing business. The blocks with the finest parcels and houses for rent have been beautifully designed.

Because of its true approval and past history, it guarantees saving and hard-earned capital.

Whenever you invest in real estate, ROI (Return on Investment) is the main consideration.

  • According to the Globe Estate & Builders team, the Kings Town Lahore Housing Society, the minimum annual benefit is 15%.
  • According to our Globe Estate & Builders team, the rental income from Kings Town Lahore is estimated to hit between 25 K and 40 K monthly income.
  • Two years ownership give you trust and development in wealth when you are buying land.


The Kings Town is the project of Al Kabir Developers. It is built, improved, efficiency and moderate. In the last couple of years, the Kabir Town Process I was a success. The corporation has cut its speciality for private and corporate needs as the most wanted target.

Al-Kabir Town (Pvt.) Ltd. offers the outskirts of the economically affluent city of Lahore with a restrictive way of living. In painstakingly planned pads, Al-Kabir Town Apartment Homes promise new private bureaus.

The business is arranged on the outskirts of Lahore and is suitable for people who need to find their new home in a quiet and peaceful place. They are now presenting Phase 3 of Al-Kabir Area, called the Lahore Kings Town.

If you are interested in purchasing residential and commercial plots, then Globe Estate & Builders is the renowned property portal that will help you in an effective way.  Globe Estate & Builders are the authorized dealers of Kings Town plots and files. You can directly visit their office located at Main Boulevard, Al-Kabir Town Raiwind Road, Lahore or call them at +923000900125 , +923000900147 & +923000900155 for a consultancy.

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