Karachi City Vs Bahria Town Karachi

Karachi City Vs Bahria Town Karachi

Karachi, famous as the “City of Lights”, the vibrant cultural scene and modern urban life never fail to fascinate tourists and expats. Karachi is one of Pakistan’s most dynamic and cosmopolitan cities. Here is a comparison of Karachi City vs Bahria Town Karachi to help you make a thorough analysis of where to invest and why.

Karachi City Vs Bahria Town Karachi: Overview

To take care of all your needs is for what good housing scheme is planned. Thus, such areas ensure that the locality has plenty of well-reputed landmarks.


Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi is more or less like a city within a town. It is divided into 31 precincts, Bahria Homes, Bahria Apartments, Bahria Farmhouses, Bahria Sports City, Bahria Icon Tower, Bahria Heights, and Jinnah Commercial Avenue.

Bahria Town Karachi’s foundation was formally laid in 2015 and has developed by leaps and bounds since. Over a million individuals may be housed inside the society. As it is an affluent community far from the capital, people usually invest in the plots of Bahria Town Karachi to secure future investments.

Karachi City

Thanks to its vibrant nightlife and flourishing cultural scene, Karachi is known as “The Wife of the Cities” and the “City of Lights” Expatriates living in Karachi will enjoy the historical richness of the city and its modern restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Karachi’s most significant historic sites are the hundred-year-old tombs found in the Chowkandi graveyard, as well as other Raj-era buildings like the Karachi Port Trust and Sindh High Court. Karachi has many beautiful beaches and parks and is home to a National Park of Pakistan; Kirthar National Park, which also has its own lake.


Bahria Town Karachi

Some of the most famous schools in the vicinity are:

  • The Millennium Educators and Roots School is located on Jinnah Avenue in Bahria town
  • Main school and local college; Bahria Town School and College is located near Tauheed Square in the direction of the Karachi Hyderabad motorway
  • Qasim Gabol Goth School and Gabol Abad Girls High are in Gabol Abad, a 15-minute drive from this location

A school cluster is also located in Gajjan Goth, Malir City, a 15-minute drive from that area. These schools include Government Girl Playgroup School, H.I.G Public School, and High Secondary School Government Boys, Konkar, among others. Meanwhile, the School and School Goth Khatto Gabol of Hamza Khan Gabol Village in Gadap Town have located about 5 km from this location.

Karachi City

Among many others, Karachi’s most prominent international schools include the British Overseas College, Karachi American College, St Paul’s English High School, and the Beaconhouse School System. Karachi is home to Pakistan’s largest university, Karachi University, which has one of the world’s largest student bodies and faculties.


Bahria Town Karachi

Timings of the free shuttle service to Bahria Town from Precinct 10 are 7:15 AM every day. Bus no.1 begins from Precinct 10 for Malir Halt and gets to Precinct 2, from where it enters the main gate. Then, before reaching the final destination, it stops at several points, including Dunbar Goth, Old Toll Plaza, Falcon Building, and Model Colony: Malir Halt Printing Press.

The bus takes a similar path to the Old Toll Plaza for Sohrab Goth, from where residents arrive at Sabzi Mandi to Maymar Mor to Daewoo Bus Terminal, entering Sohrab Goth.

Bahria Town also has a sightseeing transport service, in addition to the free shuttle. The Bahria Town Sightseeing Bus Service is the management’s primary transport company. It is available on weekends only and provides double-decker buses for residents of Bahria Town as well as for outsiders. Nearly all of the area’s major tourist attractions, such as Bahria Night Safari, Grand Jamia Mosque, Rafi Cricket Stadium, Bahria Adventura and Dancing Fountain, pass through these buses. The bus service starts in the Carnival area of Bahria and has an affordable ticket to the bus.

Karachi City

As Pakistan’s largest and most densely populated urban area, traffic and congestion are common on Karachi ‘s roads, especially during rush hour and in downtown Pakistan. As such, the levels of pollution are higher than many other Pakistani locations. However, steps to address the congestion are being taken and a new series of flyovers and bypasses are being built on the busiest roads.

The Karachi public transport network is comprehensive and consists of both a circular railway network and a fast transit bus system operating every day. Many people are also taking advantage of the numerous taxis and rickshaws that fill the streets, as these are a cheap way to travel.

Property Rates And Prices

Bahria Town Karachi

You’ll find about 250 sq. Yds. Yds. Plots to sell. Bahria Town Karachi ranks second in Karachi purchasing trends to plots. Sq. 125. Yds. Yds. Plots have a price range of between PKR 5 lakh and 3.25 crore. The prices tend to rise, with larger area sizes. For sq. 250. Yds. Yds. Plots, the selling price range starts at PKR 2.5 lakh and goes up to PKR 3.5 crore. 500 Etc. Yds houses will cost investors between PKR 3 lakh and PKR 10.1 crore, anywhere. The price patterns for the plot files are slightly different.

Plots of 125 sq. Yds. have a price range of 20,000 PKR to 15 Crore PKR. 250 sq. Yds. plot files fall within the range of PKR 20 000 to PKR 75 lakh. For sq. 500. Yds. sale plot files, prices start at 40 thousand PKR, going up to PKR 1.4 crore.

Karachi City

Karachi is still more of a vertical city, as it extends horizontally. As such, the Defense View Society was the region that provided the most searches for flats for sale in Karachi’s property market during H1 2019. However, apartment buildings here mostly feature 2-bed apartments, the price of which over the past six months has risen by 3.61 percent. In Defense View Society, the average price of a 2-bedroom apartment for sale is PKR 71.17 lakh, while the average price of a 3-bedroom flat is around PKR 1.10 crore.

Azam town Karachi, Baldia Town, North Nazamabad, etc. all have a huge diversity in the property prices. DHA, Scheme 33, Malir, Cantt, Gadap Town, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Bin Qasim Town, and Naya Nazimabad are other popular locations with residential plots for sale in Karachi. Prices have seen a general increase across the board but there have been a few unexpected dips worth considering.

Summing It Up

Whether you want to live in Karachi city or in Pose societies such as Bahria Town Karachi, the choice depends on your budget, your preferred lifestyle, and your accommodation requirements.

So, before investing, have a thorough understanding of what area will suit you best to dwell in. Consult with our expert property dealers for any property related information in Bahria Town Karachi.

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