Gwadar Housing Schemes Future in Pakistan

Gwadar Housing Schemes Future in Pakistans

Before moving into the discussion, what is the future of gwadar housing schemes in Pakistan we should need to address some ambiguity……..


What is housing schemes?

Nature of housing schemes?

Facilities offered & promises?

Future of schemes announced?




Talking in Pakistani’s perspective it is a general assumption by housing societies. We mean an area occupied by someone with covered boundaries and basic life necessities with lucrative offers from the developer. It is true every man in his life must go through this planning at least once,


Want home Yes Where Any good location Budget Not more than my saving available

Want home? Yes

Where? Any good location

Budget? Not more than my saving available




These are the basics question if called true common man go for it, generally, there are two types of schemes government offered and privately owned. In most government case applications, system drawing balloting, etc. but in private scheme choice of location size facilities and rate matters. The most important thing in private owned societies is permission from the authorized body is most important, for buying a house, plot in any societies NOCs are the most integral part to escape any problematic future.

Keeping in mind current changes in domestic and international level importance of Pakistan being rise day by day with changing allies. Worlds have been changed into global village distances has been reduced which emphasized the importance of neighbors and even more.

Gwadar has its own importance in Pakistan’s territory which is increasing with every day passing. This is going to become icon valley of Pakistan every country has a lot of interest in investing here, within CPEC master plan is going to expose soon. Gawadar airport, oil refinery, Gwader trade center, the link between the ambitious One Belt, One Road, and Maritime Silk Road projects are all series for the advancement in Gwadar in simple it is an area of golden sand.



With the increase in business at this area housing societies are also charming business, people want to live there, where they have their business future of only those housing schemes is bright which have all NOC from local government i.e. in case of Gawdar, Gwadar Development Authority (GDA). As business pace will rise the scanty of space rise also, which result in rises lands prices government working with their allies with full throttle to provide all facilities not only for businessman but residents also in gwader.

As per GDA update, the body has been issued the NOC to the following category:

Gwadar Development Authority - GDA

Category               NOC                       Acres

Residential            77                           14,210.604

Industrial               16                           2,274.87

Commercial          06                           299.8

Recreational         04                           381


Number of housing societies are employed in Gwadar i.e. Gwadar Golf City (GGC), Creek City, New World City, Baluchistan City, etc., but the development of Gawader Golf City is mind blowing it’s ever first housing scheme which spending money from his own pocket and then delivering the product to residents and business mans this is the only reason demand of this product is quite higher end, they have a lot of categories in their scheme like Premier Scheme, Mid Rise Commercial GGC, Coastal Commercial GGC & Pak China Enclave GGC and many more. This is the only reason Pakistan’s First Private Expo Center construction has been on track in GGC.

Latest Development work at gwadar golf city site

Latest Development Work at Gwadar Golf City Site

So, this changing situation is the witness of incredible Pakistan bright Gwadar Balochistan “Pakistan”


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