Gwadar Golf City (GGC)


Gwadar Golf City is Pakistan’s world-class housing project. It’s a Malik Riaz Grandson project that’s the country’s richest person. The plan in Pakistan’s future trading city is suitable for residential purposes. It will be the best residential scheme of the modern era due to the high spending from developers. The plan has Golf Course around the residential area, as the title suggests. Gwadar Golf City’s master plan has implemented a stunning norm planned for the Golf Course. Because Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) approved it is a fraudulent housing scheme where your investment is safe.

GDA’s action to boost infrastructure development in the future trading city is significantly important. The Gwadar Golf City has confidently achieved the NOC by following all the requirements set out in GDA’s list.

The Gwadar Golf City official is being developed by the BSM Pvt. Ltd Company owned by Mr. Syed Jaleel-ur-Rehman and Mr. Malik Bilal. Malik Bilal becomes famous on social media as a grandson of Pakistan’s Richest Developer. Malik Riaz is the president of Bahria Town (PVT) and is a country-wide prominent personality. In setting up the Gwadar best housing scheme, the developers have turned no stone left.


Gwadar Golf City map shows the project links to the region’s top roads. The Gwadar Golf City housing scheme address is the Makran Coastal Highway near Jinnah Avenue II Mouza Paleri Garbi. The social stands out by providing world-class life on the road playing a vital role in the CPEC campaign.

The venture is situated in Gwadar’s Irrigated Green Area. And as per the new updated GDA Master Plan, it will also be next to the cantonment and custom house. In contrast, the planned 500 Acres International Shabi University is 3 km away. Gwadar Golf City location makes it an ideal housing scheme.


Gwadar Golf City is a residential housing scheme flanked by beautiful golf course according to the development plan. It’s one of the city’s dream residential community. The developer’s long range of amenities comprises Gwadar Golf City’s Master Plan.

The facilities are large roads, Greenbelts, New Sewage System, Underground Electrification, Community Center, Jogging Trails, Water Filtration Plants, Hospitals and Health Services, 24-hour Electricity, School, 24-hour Police Patrolling, Gym and Sports Center, Cine Gold Cinema, Zoological Garden, Jamia Masjid, Theme Park, Country Club, Civic Center and Business Markets.

Gwadar Golf City Housing company’s plot options are 5, 8, 10 and 20 Marlas. In contrast, the housing scheme at Makran Coastal Highways is the perfect one.

Gwadar Golf City’s development work began in April 2018 and now nearly every area is being built. Ground is paved, boundary wall is already constructed, head office construction is also finished, and Block A & B’s development work is almost completed. The rest of the work, however, runs at a reasonable pace.

Gwadar Golf City Payment Plan:

The Gwadar Golf City housing scheme with the opening rates issued the payment plan. 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Plan flow follows. Each form of Gawadar Golf City plot requires different purchase down payments. Paying the whole plot volume would result in a 10% discount.  Gwadar Golf City’s installment plan/schedule is 36 months.

Gwadar Golf City prices of residential plots are as follows:

Plot size Down Payment Monthly installment (36) Total price


5-marla PKR 225000 PKR 14,583 PKR 750,000


8-marla PKR 330,000 PKR 21,389 PKR 1,100,000


10-marla PKR 390,000 PKR 25,278 PKR 1,300,000


1-kanal PKR 660,000 PKR 42,778 PKR 2,200,000


Note that the above rates are exclusive of development charges. For bookings like PKR 5,000 for 5-marla and 10,000 for 10-marla, there is a separate processing fee.


  • State of the art planning
  • Wide roads
  • Green belts
  • Modern sewerage system
  • Underground electrification
  • Community Center
  • Gold course
  • Jogging Tracks
  • Water Filtration Plants
  • Hospital & Medical Facilities
  • 24 Hours Electricity
  • Education Institutes and International University
  • 24 Hours Security and Patrolling
  • Gym and Sports Center
  • Cine Gold Cinema
  • Zoological Garden
  • Jamia Masjid
  • Theme Park
  • Country Club
  • Civic Center and Sector Markets
  • Replicas of Famous Monuments


Golf City will have a replica of the Eiffel Tower, while its other attractions besides the most common ones seen in all Bahria ventures include a zoological garden, a theme park, a country club, replicas of world famous landmarks, an international university campus, a water distillation facility, and a civic center.


According to Golf City’s licensed agents, the demand for the pre-launch plot files is strong. They also claim to have run out of the 5-marla plot files–a very popular investment property size. Such agents also say that on 5-marla plots there will soon be a premium.

The number of 5-marla plot files offered by the developer is high in addition to being already hot on the market, followed by 8-marla and 10-marla plot files. In the existing inventory, the number of 1-kannal plot files is the smallest and not very common.


Gwadar Golf City is the center of economic and business growth planned as’ A great getaway’ for golf enthusiasts. Offering 5 Marla (125 Sq Yards), 8 Marla (200 Sq Yards), 10 Marla (250 Sq Yards), 1 kannal (500 Sq Yards) and 2 kannal (1000 Sq Yards) Residential Plots, 4 Marla (100 Sq Yards) and 8 Marla (200 Sq Yards) Commercial Plots, and 1 Marla (500 Sq Yards) and 2 Marla (1000 Sq Yards).

Exclusive Golf Course plots, wonder at the Grand Jamia Mosque’s glittering minarets in Gwadar Golf City and enjoy a relaxed day with your friends in our country clubs. Gwadar Golf City strives to provide you with all the bare necessities that will help you create a world of your dreams, from recreational activities such as a gym and fitness center to accommodating all your entertainment needs.  Take advantage of this opportunity to assert your own exclusive paradise object.

Gwadar Golf City plots for sale

Gwadar Golf City offers residential and commercial plots of different categories. The plot rates are already fair and at the same time, these plots are sold by BSM Developers on flexible payment plans. The plots ‘ development work is going at the fastest speed; at the same low prices, some of the fully developed plots are also available. The title of these

Design of the plan has already started and builders are working on the boundary wall and main entrance point recently. The basic road network and sitemap of the blocks of the city has been built where work is in cutting-edge stages from now on. In addition, the mosque of the society is under construction.

It gives the idea from its looks that progress work in phase I will be completed within a year. While the plots were sold on a three-year installment plan for this undertaking. Stay tuned for Gwadar Golf City balloting updates.

Mid-size commercial consists of 4 commercial marla plots that can be booked on a simple installment plan for 2 years. There is still to be decided the location of mid-rise advertisements, but all ads will be located on 100 ft wide boulevards with ample parking spaces.

Because Gwadar Golf City’s map is yet to be published and balloting is yet to be completed, we can not pinpoint the commercial mid-rise zone precisely. Because of the smaller size of the site, it will require the development of G+3 commercial plazas that are ideal for corporate offices, companies and real estate firms.


Because of CPEC’s multi-continent plan, housing projects like Gwadar Golf City in Gwadar are also taking advantage of it. Not only does the CPEC have to open the routes to transport goods and services to other countries, but it has also increased the project’s value. The project works for both countries as the strategic corridors. Investing in the venture has a lot of benefit due to high chances of a significant return on investment. In addition, the dynamics of the Gwadar city is another factor that increases the ROI of your investment in the city’s housing projects.

The need for quality housing schemes was imminent due to the increasing migration not only from urban parts of Pakistan but also from China and various middle-eastern countries. This is where the Gwadar Golf City provides a major source of value housing options and international standard lifestyle that is even difficult to find elsewhere in Pakistan.

There are various options to invest, such as residential plots of different categories, in particular the plots announced in the newly launched “Pak China Enclave” project. Pak china enclave map plan also provides the enticing commercial plots on installments and even limited numbers of shops are available in the Private Pak China Expo Center, which will be completed soon as the project’s development work is already underway.

Buyers with medium to low investment can easily choose the ideal investment option in Gwadar Golf City as this is a venture designed to make every single rupee valuable.

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