Grand Jasmine Mall 2 Bahria Town Lahore


Bahria Town Lahore is one of Lahore’s largest city’s most populated areas, which will again introduce a new shopping and socializing concept called Jasmine Mall 2. It is a state-of-the-art and meticulously designed shopping mall caused by Q-links, a well-known real estate brand.

The mall is Bahria Town Lahore’s biggest shopping mall. Jasmine grand mall provides product shops and food courts for sale on cash and fast 3-year payments. Thanks to modern planning top location and availability of all modern amenities, Jasmine Grand Mall is one of Lahore’s best new commercial developments. The mall is also perfect for setting up a successful location for business and investment in Lahore.

Prominent Features of the mall:

  • Car Porch
  • Corner
  • Features
  • Tiled Bath
  • Wood Work

Grand Jasmine Mall has an area of more than 85,000 square meters. It is known for its global development and design as the largest and world-class shopping mall. This shopping mall will offer a great shopping experience as well as many indoor entertainment options. The place will have a variety of brands, film halls, cafeterias, seating rooms, and much more. It wouldn’t be wrong to say you’ll find all this under the roof of Grand Jasmine Mall Bahria Town Lahore, whatever you need or want.


Grand Jasmine Mall is located just off Main Boulevard, Sector E, and Eiffel Tower at 1 to 11 Quaid Commercial, Lilic Block Bahria Town Lahore. This Jasmine Grand Mall’s hottest location will make a major contribution to Business success.

In the Bahria Town of Lahore, Jasmine Mall 2 is ideally located. The site is widely referred to as the “Hub of Bahria Town’s commercial activities.” Jasmine Mall is located near the Safari Zoo and CineGold Cinema, and its prime location of this largest shopping mall increases the value of the investment that attracts more customers. The Grand Jasmine Mall is just a few kilometers from the M-2 motorway and is 11 km away from the DHA EME Societies.


A commercial project consisting of 5 floors including a basement and a ground floor is best designed and prepared for Jasmine Mall 2. The project offers incredibly luxurious and designed shops. Jasmine Mall sheds light on the fascinating spread of high international living standards and 24/7 security services in communities. All of this place’s shops and areas were planned with great attention for modern designs and architecture.

Basement floor

In the basement, there is a supermarket where people can get everything they need. Different sizes, well-equipped shops with excellent business opportunities are also available.

Ground floor

There are big and trendy stores on the ground floor that are ready for you to own so you can get a lot of benefits.

First, Second and Third Floor

Shops are also available in various sizes on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors to suit your needs at attractive prices.

Fourth floor

Coming to the fourth floor, there are plenty of fun and entertainment options in the form of food courts and playlands.

Fifth floor

The fifth floor is full of these options for you if you want to enjoy the meal of branded restaurants.


Grand Jasmine Mall is a very attractive investment choice to start your Bahria Town Lahore business. This top shopping spot offers convenient payment and investment options in it to attract more investors. No doubt, there is a great deal of ease for buyers in the availability of installment options. Anyone can easily buy a shop with an advance payment of 30% and the ownership will be passed on payment of a minimum of 50% of the price.

Jasmine mall 2 is a very big and high-quality shopping center with very flexible options for payment and purchase. This project’s developers have organized a payment plan that is highly appealing to those who want to make fruitful investments here.

There are also installment options for the buyers ‘ ease. This is really a great opportunity and blessing for those people who are interested in this place because of their high standards while staying within their reach.

Jasmine mall shops for sale booking is as follows:

All the shops here are very reasonably priced and can be bought with complete transactions as well as simple 3-year installments. You can be part of this exclusive and tremendous place with the 30 percent down payment. On a first come first serve basis, the reservation is open to potential buyers. There, investors are also promised rental income of up to 6%. 


Jasmine Mall 2 is a masterpiece and a perfect investment choice because it possesses all the qualities that any place in the top class could possess. This venture’s most prominent feature is its central, advantageous, strategic, and attractive position at the same time.

Modern investors and customers prefer a location that enjoys good connectivity and proximity to important locations. In this way, as the value and demand of such places always increase, the investment becomes very fruitful. The same is true of Jasmine Mall 2 which, due to its location and development status, has an auspicious place in the real estate sector.

Best Infrastructure And Development

New developers and sellers are well conscious that it is the perfect area to buy property because demand and property prices will rise significantly in the coming time. That’s why they’re likely to purchase property at this exclusive address that is growing more in the time to come. With the best infrastructure, it has become a destination for many residential and commercial projects. There is a very short distance to leading schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and many other facilities. Investing with satisfaction is an ideal and prestigious area.

Those who choose to buy a place here for any reason are promised the golden returns. Due to its strategic position, Jasmine Mall 2 Bahria Town enjoys excellent connectivity across the area. It is easily accessible to all thanks to its connection to many essential roads and highways. The developments are still going on, thereby increasing the value of the property and the demand. This place is becoming an investment destination most popular and attractive.

Buying shop in Jasmine Mall 2 will amplify your brand power by:

  • Brand promotion support
  • Expert assistance in acquiring franchises and leasing
  • Be part of a retail or service brand as a landlord or franchisee, or establish your own brand

Also, it offers you the best return on investment by:

  • Capital growth on a secure land-based asset, plus.
  • Proven results in numerous major retail real estate projects.
  • Guaranteed rental income options up to 10% annual ROI for 10 years.
  • Experienced shopping center management team.


  • High standard fixtures
  • Contemporary architecture
  • Beautiful elevation
  • Ample parking space
  • Fast moving lifts
  • 24/7 High Security
  • Top quality finishes
  • Excellent interiors
  • Food Court
  • Play Land
  • Digital Map
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Air-conditioned Lobby
  • Standard Generator
  • Hi-Speed Elevators
  • Wide stairs & corridors
  • Broad & Smart Car Parking

High Alert Security and Updated Fire Fighting System

  • Mall concierge and on-site mall office
  • Easy movement with escalators, lifts, and travelators
  • Secure & safe environment with fire exits, world-class fire-fighting, CCTV coverage, and back-up power generation


Q-Links Real Estate Company is smartly planning and developing this outstanding, largest shopping spot in Bahria Town Lahore. Grand Jasmine Mall developers are a well-known and reliable name in Pakistan’s real estate market. Q-Connection is a famous name in their programs for their creativity and timely delivery.

In the Lahore real estate, it is a name of perfection and technical grandeur. Q-Links is well-known in the city and urban development.

Trustworthy and talented architects and experts designed it with enthusiasm and passion. That’s why their developments in the real estate market are always impressive and top-class additions. The same is true for phase 2 of Jasmine Mall, which is a massive achievement by the same designers after the success of Jasmine Mall 1. It is a large-scale venture that involves lavishness, incentives, and growth in the future.

The designers of this project, to provide people with the time demanding travel, trade, and shopping opportunities, have kept high-quality considerations and expectations in mind. There, people’s expectations and needs are highly satisfied. This plan was built with great hard work and dedication to new and innovative construction concepts. It becomes a symbol of brilliance and quality. This project has become a very large commercial establishment in Bahria Town due to its international approach and modern infrastructural development.


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