Early Birds Balloting Results for New Metro City Gujar Khan A Block

Early Birds Balloting Results for New Metro City Gujar Khan A Block

Congratulations to all the allottees as the results of the early bird ballot for A Block New Metro City Gujar Khan has been uploaded on the company’s website. Check here (https://www.newmetrocity.com.pk/).

Details of the Balloting

An announcement was made on a company function that occurred on 20th August 2022. The results of early bird balloting for New Metro City Gujar Khan A Block have been uploaded on the official website of NMC.

Members should not fear because the management of New Metro City has reserved a 30% quota of A Block for those who were unable to cancel reservations prior to this balloting.

Members who are interested in obtaining a plot in A Block still have an opportunity to vote in the balloting for the remaining 30% quota, which will take place 40 days after the early bird balloting.

Members who don’t receive plots in A Block will be accommodated, according to the management of New Metro City Gujar Khan, in the upcoming B Block primary election.

This voting process, known as early bird voting, was conducted on Sector A plots, especially Block A of New Metro City.

Congratulations to everyone who was awarded a plot in Block A of Gujar Khan in New Metro. For each of the plot sizes competing in this contest, the voting results in New Metro City are shown.

At this voting event, members, top management, authorized dealers, and other interested parties were present. Members had the right to vote if they had turned in any outstanding business.

During the event, the results of a computer vote were displayed. The administration also published the election results for New Metro City on its official website.

About The Project

A cutting-edge project called New Metro City Gujar Khan is now being built. A big project will soon begin construction in the most sought-after location of the city. It is a prestigious housing society with lavish features and numerous unique amenities.

The start of this project will be near Islamabad, the biggest city in Pakistan. This project’s lifestyle is modern and fits all of the demands of buyers and investors today. Additionally, plot launch fees are low and payment terms are typically flexible.


Any society’s location is important. As a result, this project has been expertly planned in the most desirable and ideal location in the city. It is strategically located on the Main GT Road, close to Islamabad.

The primary entrance to the New Metro City Gujjar Khan is immediately off GT Road, and there are a lot more entries on adjacent routes.

The location of New Metro City Gujar Khan is advantageous since it has good access to the GT road. The location of this society is ideal for both investing and living. Most importantly, all of the amenities and business establishments are nearby thanks to their excellent connectivity and accessibility.

This area would attract people looking for a great lifestyle close to Islamabad. The site stands out because of its advantageous location and low cost.

Why Invest in A Block NMC Gujar Khan?

  • Economical and practical

The main and most important reason to consider investing in New Metro City Gujar Khan A Block is its simplicity.

While keeping costs down, this block offers possessions. There is a very good chance that the entire return on investment will be realized as these economies grow.

  • Simple Payment Options

The plots in A Block will be offered in a range of sizes with relatively straightforward payment options, handy installment plans, and transfers that are affordable for all societal classes.

Another great justification for investing in New Metro City Gujar Khan is this. Since these plots are only offered on a first-come basis, don’t spend time investing in a better tomorrow because the best spots are always taken first.

  • Modern components

It’s one of the gated communities that provides you with all the necessary modern conveniences and services in addition to the safety of a gated community.

This society is a great choice for individuals looking to live in a modern residential neighborhood in A Block of New Metro City Gujar Khan.


With all of these advantages, New Metro City ought to be bought keeping these things in mind. With an investment made here, the family’s future is certain to get better.  It will be a great idea to invest here since once construction starts, prices will rise.

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