Difference Between House And Apartment Life: Lifestyle And Amenities

Difference Between House And Apartment Life Lifestyle And Amenities

As Karachi, Lahore and other urban areas have become almost difficult to rent in without giving a deposit to your first-born child, more and more people are looking to rent a house as opposed to an apartment.

Here’s a quick overview of the variations between living in an apartment and a house if you’re looking to change the living arrangement.

Apartment Living Or House Lifestyle: Differences & Variances

You are surrounded in an apartment by strangers, and may not be nice to everyone. You’re the guy who likes peace and quiet, you might have trouble finding those stuff in a flat. The best thing you can do is try to establish a positive neighborly relationship right from the start. You are going to respect them and they are going to respect you.

Apartments tend to be the better choice as far as safety is concerned. Many apartment buildings have security guards and many have locked front doors that can be unlocked only with a code or key. Additionally, a possible criminal is less likely to go unnoticed when there are so many people surrounding you.

Amenities & Facilities

Although the purchase of an apartment has many benefits, most apartment complexes in Pakistan do not provide any simple or luxurious facilities, which are important to a comfortable living. Nevertheless, as apartment living becomes more popular over time, builders in some high-end apartment buildings have begun to include parking spaces, gymnasiums, and even swimming pools.

But if you’re hunting for a small driveway or rooftop garden where you can grow your own vegetables; condos don’t provide the luxury of having garages and lush green lawns. In any case, if you don’t have too much space to build a large garden, you can set up a vertical garden to use your living space as well. If you want to have your own garage, invest in a house, or install your own personal swimming pool inside your home.

Safety & Privacy

Another factor to remember when deciding living in a house vs. condo is the privacy that each form of a property provides. Although apartments can be comparatively cheaper to buy or rent, most apartment complexes fail to offer the privacy homeowners looking out of their living space. That’s one of the reasons consumers tend to settle for a house rather than an apartment.

Although complex complexes mean that occupants of condos can have as much privacy as possible, sharing walls and common areas such as parking with their neighbors is not always an enjoyable experience.

Until investing in a house or apartment, it’s best to do your research to ensure you get the protection that you want for your family. Nevertheless, some of Pakistan’s new apartment-building projects ensure complete privacy for apartment owners.


Although the kind of neighbors you’re likely to find depends mostly on your place, it’s true that if you live in a house, your neighbors can be less intrusive.

It is normal for apartment owners to overhear the discussions or complaints about their neighbors. You can also sometimes say what your nearby family is preparing for dinner. That can also be an issue in closely knitted homes, however. Therefore, if you want to live in an apartment, try to find buildings that have sound-proofing solutions like noise-blocking doors and windows to minimize as much noise as possible.

The Latest Real Estate Trends In Lahore & Karachi

In Karachi and Lahore, the real estate market is advancing dramatically in the face of revolutionary population growth. Most builders are building their projects to meet market demand in a short span of time. Excitingly, the difference in both cities ‘ real estate offerings has resulted in a distinct shift in the lifestyle of the people living in these two cities.

Houses in Lahore are typically preferred. This has raised the rate of residential property for sale in Lahore. But over time the growing population has also caused the shortage of land in Lahore. The lack of land has led to the development of apartment projects in some of Lahore’s big vicinities.

It would appear that Lahore shadows the same pattern as Karachi. As in Karachi, population swelling has spread the city to the suburbs, gated communities, and housing projects far from the downtown area of the city.

Houses are much cooler than the flats. When trees grow around your home, then it’s even cooler. Air conditioning may not even be needed during the summer. In essence, it all depends on your personal tastes and lifestyle. So, generally speaking, it would be wrong to place one option above the other.


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