Best And Affordable Commercial Options In Bahria Town Lahore

Best And Affordable Commercial Options In Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town Lahore is still a hot-option option for buying various residential properties. But at the same time, this society is also perfect for buying for sale commercial property. The prices of these newly introduced sector shops and commercial plots are not only fair but are also available on Open Formats.

You can invest in Sector shops to start your own business and later rent it out. In addition, 5 Nishtar Block Marla commercial plots give you a smart and profitable investment opportunity for potential investors.

This 3 minute read blog will help you figure out what is the hottest area to buy commercial property in Bahria Town Lahore.

Why Investing In Commercial Property In Bahria Town Lahore Is A Good Idea?

To buy a commercial property at reasonable rates in Bahria Town Lahore is nothing short of a blessing. This mega residential venture features the best commercial properties for sale. However, in Bahria Town Lahore, demand for commercial plots is very high.

Bahria Town Lahore is once again coming up with some fresh and exciting offers to meet these rising demands of commercial land. Bahria Town Lahore offers various properties and gives you another life-changing investment opportunity in sector shops and 5 Marla commercial plots. The overall plot cutting is as follows:

Eiffel Tower Commercial Plots:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Umer Block Commercial Plots:

  • 5 marla

Sector C commercial Plots:

  • 5 Marla (Main Boulevard Facing)
  • 8 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Sector D commercial Plots:


  • 2 Marla


  • 2 Marla

Overseas A Block, sector Shops

  • 2 Marla

Overseas B Block, sector Shops

  • 2 Marla

Adjacent to Sector B – Overseas Enclave and Safari Villas

Sector A & Sector B tremendous progress has invited the launch of Sector C. By far Bahria Town Lahore’s largest single project.

It promises to be the future commercial hub for the “New Lahore” in Sector-C, a concept now popularly associated with recent new developments alongside the famous Lahore Canal.

In keeping with its futuristic and strategic location, a 210-foot-wide main boulevard has been built across Sector-C to cater to the commercial load. An “Independence Drive” section of 4 km is allocated to high-rise buildings on both sides of the 210-foot boulevard giving it the much-deserved facelift.

Currently very common for investments in commercial opportunities particularly with the business class;

Sector-C demands profitable returns from high-end investors who look forward to settling here to be close to their places of work and their businesses.

Sector C brings in the uniform world of Bahria Town Developments larger, more advanced, and extra features.

Sector Shops for Sale in Sector E Bahria Town Lahore

In its Jinnah Block Sector E, Bahria Town Lahore now offers two-sided open sector shops. The size of these sector shops is 1520, while ground + 1-floor construction is permitted on them. Limited in number, these are the best retail outlets for profitable investment. Available for sale in both general and specialty shops.

The prices of these sector shops start at 36 lacs and go up to 42 lacs. The rates of shops differ according to the location. Another important feature is that these Sector Shops in the Jinnah Block are accessible on Open Forms. It means you’ll be your first property owner.

These Jinnah Block Sector Shops are also located close to the mosque and enjoy a prime location within the society. In addition, these shops launched recently are located in a fully developed building. The population ratio in Jinnah Block Sector E is steadily increasing.

5 Marla Commercial Plots in Nishtar Block

Bahria Town Lahore offers yet another profitable investment opportunity in its Nishtar Block. They had recently launched 5 Marla commercials in it, by keeping in mind the increasing demand for commercial plots. Located at the Nishtar Block Sector E Main Boulevard, these are a total of 29 5 Marla commercial plots. The plot dimensions are 30 x 40 Those plots are also launched on Open Forms.

In the Nishtar Block Sector, the starting prices for 5 Marla commercials are 1.60 crores to 1.90 crores. Booking of these plots starts with a down payment of 60 lacs to 75 lacs. The balance will be payable in the 1-year simple installments contract.

Investors are very pleased after this latest commercial plot deal has been released, as these plots are available on installments. Yeah, in the last 5 years society has not launched any real estate deal on installments. So that’s a surprising bid from Bahria Town Lahore’s management.

Why Buy 5 Marla Commercial Plot In Nishtar Block

Buying property in Bahria Town Lahore on installments is nothing short of a fantasy for a potential buyer. And when it comes to buying a simple installment commercial property it is a dream come true.

These 5 commercial Marla plots are extremely attractive for starting your own company. Or you can build it to earn pretty rental income too.

So, if you want to buy the best commercial plots for sale, be fast and contact expert realtors at property consultants at Globe Estate & Builders.

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