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Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 1 to 6 Map

Bahria Town phase 1-6 includes many different sized plots. Phase 1 to 6, being the earliest projects, benefitted from all of Bahria Town’s other developments with every new idea in landscaping. With awe-inspiring landscape island, pagodas, village scenes and thoughtful monuments, every new concept and development of possibilities with the importation of most modern phase 1 to 6 machinery has been added value.

In phase 1-6, people enjoy a truly comfortable experience. School, mosques, mini golf club course, one race track, horse riding club, opera theater make these stages the perfect residential community. Phase 1 to 6 project received a great response from residents as well as investors in the market. There are several more houses under construction and most of the leaders are keen to move to their new homes.


  • Commercial Area: Heralds Super Store, KASB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Mezan Bank, zoo
  • Parks
  • School
  • Mosques
  • Mini Golf Course
  • Mini Formula One racing Track
  • Horse Riding Club
  • Opera Theatre

Shared Facilities:

  • Safari Club
  • Rukhsana Akhter Hospital
  • Dr. A.Q Khan School
  • Grid Station
  • Mini Golf Course
  • Cinema


Phase 1, Bahria Town is under the jurisdiction of Bahria Town Pvt, one of the most sought after areas of the twin cities. Ltd. Ltd. Bahria Town Phase 1 is located only 9 km from Saddar and has set a unique level of amenities within the twin towns that is unmatchable.

The growing number of the population in Media City, Gulrez Housing Scheme and Doctors Housing Society is also accommodated by many developed localities. In the healthcare domain, Mumtaz Medical Center, D-Watson Chemist, and Shaheen Chemist represent people. The area also runs Chaaye Khana, Subway, Khiva, and KFC.


Bahria Town Phase-2 is a gated community owned, planned and developed by Pakistan-Bahria Town, the pioneers of real estate development. Phase-2 is ideally situated with smooth link to Islamabad Highway,.

It includes houses and apartment buildings, as well as commercial areas. In Phase 2, hospital, grocery stores, pharmacies, and parks will all be present to ensure a comfortable and luxurious living experience. Those close by are Ace Academy and Safari Hospital.


Phase 3, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi is situated within Bahria Town Rawalpindi, an incredibly popular gated community, 8 minutes drive from GT Road, Islamabad and 10 km from Islamabad Expressway. It is a well-planned community of beautifully designed housing units and fully functional shopping areas surrounded by breathtaking architecture, creative landscaping, open spaces, parks and monuments. Furthermore, the town has neighboring Korang River and Soan River.

It is also a neighbor of Safari Villas 3 in Bahria Town, Gulrez Housing Scheme, Bahria Town Phase 2 and Phase 4 and Bahria Town’s most popular commercial center, Civic Centre. Phase 3 residents have convenient access to all amenities in their neighboring communities as well as to the Civic Center, which is located in the heart of Bahria Town and linked through Malik Ashiq Hussain Bridge to GT Road.


Phase 4 Bahria Town lies on the bank of the Sawan River. The well-kept community is home to a thriving commercial area known as the Civic Centre. Arena theater, Hotspot, Burger King and Pizza Hut are all part of Phase 4, and many others.

It is closely connected with both Islamabad Expressway and Grand Trunk (GT) Route, ensuring trouble-free transportation to surrounding areas. It is one of the most popular areas with state-of-the-art amenities, beautiful houses and lush green plantation.


Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 5 is completed, and almost all services such as infrastructure, road networks and basic utilities have been provided, among others. There is a wide array of residential plots available for sale in various sizes. There are quite a lot of houses under construction while many families already live in the society.


All phases of the Bahria Town project is strategically built to keep the comfort of the residents above all else. People living in the Bahria town do not need to go outside to fulfill their religious duties. Residents of Phase 6, Bahria Town can easily visit the Phase 6 Mosque, which together with all the requisite facilities provides a sacred atmosphere. In addition, the Phase 4 mosque is only a 4-minute drive from Bahria Town Rawalpindi Phase 6, Street 8. The mosque is fully air-conditioned and features a dedicated women’s prayer area with separate wudu facility.


A fine mix of residential plots of different sizes spread all over the zigzagging Phases 1-3 valley strip and the lake-like Phases 4-6 plan. Bahria Town Phases 1-6 illustrate how diversity can add awe-inspiring beauty to the landscape.

Phases 1-6, being the earliest projects, have gained from all the following Bahria Town developments. With every new concept in landscaping, every new design of monuments and the development of possibilities with the importation of most modern machinery, Phases 1-6 has been added value with overwhelming landscaped islands, village scenes, pagodas and thoughtful monuments.

Peace And Complete Comfort In Bahria Town Rawalpindi

In phases 1-6 families enjoy a truly outstanding lifestyle. Broad metalled roads, beautiful parks and green areas, state-of-the-art sewerage system, water and gas supply, underground electrification, and elaborate rich architectural architecture render these phases an ideal residential society. Many families already have in and live in peace and in complete comfort. There are several more houses under construction and most of the leaders are keen to move to their new homes. Phases 1-6 deliver the most lucrative transaction benefits because of the growing traction in house building and private construction activities.

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